hey! hey! Welcome! Mother to Ava, Wife of 5 years to Jeff ;) This is a little blog all started (Everyday Beginnings) before I changed it to Chealsey Walton! Which I guess I should tell you first of all that's my name!! haha! in case you hadn't guessed already. How am I doing so far? Good? ha.

A little bit about me. I love creating! As a young girl I loved drawing and letting my mind wander! When I discovered the blogging world it opened up so many doors to what this space could be! I never imagined in the last 5 years!? This blog would be something special. More like an online personal journal. I've updated on Pregnancy month to month belly shots to updating on Ava's Monthly baby updates, I've documented moving! & moving again.. From North Carolina, To Arizona - Wyoming- And back to my home roots Michigan. 

All though being from a small town has its perks I have to say I left my heart and soul at the sea. The west coast will always be my favorite! I love all things bohemian, on sundays you can catch me watching anything on HGTV, fixer upper is my fave. I also would rather thrift then shop at the mall any day! I love a good hazelnut hot chocolate. & I enjoy writing.  


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