Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I've been a long time lover of my shampoo +  conditioner theme for far too long,  I usually leave my conditioner in while I continue my shower routine and then I rinse it out at the end. When I was approached by New Wash everything about shampoo and conditioner changed. How can you only use one product that does both the work of a shampoo and conditioner? 

What is new wash?
New wash is a new take on your typical shampoo and conditioner + a natural approach retailing at 40.00 + works on all types of hair styles!

I tested and tried it out for about 3 weeks mind you this was around the time I just had my hair balayaged so I was skeptical of trying it. First thoughts? The consistency feels like a hair mask its a little thicker then your average shampoo and it doesn't lather but that didn't stop me from using it It felt like a luxurious hair mask I massaged it into my scalp and worked its way to my ends and let it sit until I was done.

ps.! New Wash Is made with essential oils and No parabens + Sulfate free + detergent free & it smells fresh and clean! 

The packaging
can we just talk about how simple and cute the packaging is! I love that it has a pump!!

Hair Loss?
lets back up. I usually always loose my hair especially when Im brushing it thanks to pregnancy and my hair falling out and then regrowing I don't loose it severely it just comes out when I brush through my hair anyways, I found that this helped a lot with that and I noticed less shedding!

Final results?
honestly and Im being totally honest with y'all I didn't Love it like I thought I would maybe its because I just had my hair done but sometimes I felt like I didn't use enough and sometimes I used too much and it would leave my hair greasy maybe I didn't wash it out all the way ;) I normally let my hair air dry ( it might be different if you blow dry) & It smelt supper good! I also tend to have a dry scalp and it helped with that tremendously!

Would you recommend it?
YES! Even though It didn't work for me it might work for you! I love that it doesn't have all the chemicals other shampoos have so I felt good using it! Also it felt really nice on my scalp like I said And it would be nice to use as a hair mask if you wanted to go back and forth ;))

**thank you New wash for sending me this! all opinions are my own**

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