Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Exploring around downtown was so much fun this past weekend! I think we are going to make it a habit to go more often! They have the cutest shops and this blue wall was so unique! I want to go back when the lights are lit up though! Cheers its HUMP day and onward to the weekend! Its going to be high 80's and this mama cant wait! 


cheers to mojitos too! Ive never had one so this weekend thats going to change check out this recipe I found on pinterest! Yum! 


I've been a long time lover of my shampoo +  conditioner theme for far too long,  I usually leave my conditioner in while I continue my shower routine and then I rinse it out at the end. When I was approached by New Wash everything about shampoo and conditioner changed. How can you only use one product that does both the work of a shampoo and conditioner? 

What is new wash?
New wash is a new take on your typical shampoo and conditioner + a natural approach retailing at 40.00 + works on all types of hair styles!

I tested and tried it out for about 3 weeks mind you this was around the time I just had my hair balayaged so I was skeptical of trying it. First thoughts? The consistency feels like a hair mask its a little thicker then your average shampoo and it doesn't lather but that didn't stop me from using it It felt like a luxurious hair mask I massaged it into my scalp and worked its way to my ends and let it sit until I was done.

ps.! New Wash Is made with essential oils and No parabens + Sulfate free + detergent free & it smells fresh and clean! 

The packaging
can we just talk about how simple and cute the packaging is! I love that it has a pump!!

Hair Loss?
lets back up. I usually always loose my hair especially when Im brushing it thanks to pregnancy and my hair falling out and then regrowing I don't loose it severely it just comes out when I brush through my hair anyways, I found that this helped a lot with that and I noticed less shedding!

Final results?
honestly and Im being totally honest with y'all I didn't Love it like I thought I would maybe its because I just had my hair done but sometimes I felt like I didn't use enough and sometimes I used too much and it would leave my hair greasy maybe I didn't wash it out all the way ;) I normally let my hair air dry ( it might be different if you blow dry) & It smelt supper good! I also tend to have a dry scalp and it helped with that tremendously!

Would you recommend it?
YES! Even though It didn't work for me it might work for you! I love that it doesn't have all the chemicals other shampoos have so I felt good using it! Also it felt really nice on my scalp like I said And it would be nice to use as a hair mask if you wanted to go back and forth ;))

**thank you New wash for sending me this! all opinions are my own**


Friday, June 2, 2017

 I think every woman on this planet wants to be like Joanna Gaines! I was reading her blog one night and I came across this recipe and I was so intrigued. I honestly have never had this before but I do love Lemons & a light and airy treat to satisfy my sweat tooth! I even had my babe help me. This is something I want to do more of, I loved seeing her face light up as she stirred the pie filling and when she helped me pour the mixture into the bowl. I love that she is so interested in cooking! I dream of the day I have a big farmhouse kitchen like Joanna! Overall this recipe was super easy! & we all know I'm not the best baker! 


Grahm Cracker Crust pre made
* I opted for this method to save time but you could totally make your own!*
3 cups "Eagle brand" sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks
2/3 cups lemon juice
*I used 1/3 cup since my lemons were smaller I used about 3*
a dash of salt ( but I forgot to add it ) oops!


1 small carton of heavy whipping cream

2 cups confectionate sugar

This was probably my favorite! I did tweak the recipe a little bit and instead of using regular sugar I used confectionate sugar to thicken up the heavy cream & make whipping by hand a lot easier! my arm was so sore by the time I was done with this & I might of told my husband I want a kitchen aide for christmas haha!

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