Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Anyone else just feel like they have so much clutter in their home?! We are currently renting a house with a basement which mind you we've never had a basement before and I'll tell you what, don't get a place with extra storage because guess what is in the basement? tons and tons of things we don't need! Im serious If Ava doesn't use a "big" toy anymore put it in the basement, If she outgrows her clothes, put them in the basement, that office chair doesn't have a home, basement.. you get the idea.. plus we kept all of our boxes when we moved so the stairs part of the basement is full of empty boxes and honestly I hate going down there. 

Our washer and dryer is also down there so it makes it easy for me to forget to switch that load ;)) haha! or maybe I do that on purpose so I don't have to fold it! Anyways, having our  home free of clutter and things that just don't make sense and refresh our space with functional yet clean pieces is my ultimate goal! yet I'm slowly realizing as my husband likes to say I'm a pack rat and refuse to believe it! hence the reason we have so much shit. haha!

I pulled together some of my favorite "farmhouse" decor pieces to spruce up your space I love that rug! & I love the idea of a mason jar herb garden even though well all know I have a black thumb ps. (ophelia) my fig is taking a vacation at my moms house until she gets "better" yeahhh.. I was killing her and my mama has the ultimate green thumb so Im hoping she can save her! hopefully this gave you some inspiration to de clutter and re decorate your home! you can shop everything here 

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