Avas 2nd Birthday!! " Animal Theme" + Details!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The cake! I cant take credit for the baking part since that is not my specialty! haha! so thank you to my husband for having the patience to bake and frost the base for me as I decorated and frosted the top! We topped her off with a cute Giraffe My mom and I DIY'd all the animals and I gave her some pink lips along with some eye lashes! it was so fun!! haha and it might be my new hobby! 

 ^ papa^

 ^ my moms favorite! she takes all credit for this one ;) ^

  ^  My favorite besides the giraffe ^

                       all the cupcakes were topped with pink sprinkled animal crackers! 
^  Oh my heart!!  ^

 You guys!! first let me start off by saying it feels soooooo good to be back!! I have been so busy with life lately and birthday planning that I kind of sort of well, I did. Neglect this little blog! haha & I have a new charger for my lap top! so we are good to go until I don't post for a few months oops!!

 I have posted a little sneak peek on instagram of Ava's birthday party and I am so excited to say that I am finally sharing it with all of you! I wanted her second birthday to be sooo relaxed and laid back. I also didnt want to stress myself out about a lot of little things. Yet I made a million fake animals have party hats and gave them lipstick and eyelashes! haha seriously that was a ton of fun! & they will be put to good use in Ava's Play room on a rustic shelf! Anyways, Im talking about the little BIG things. like the cost for one, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on some things that would just get thrown away. So I'm going to step by step walk you through what we did.

plates/ napkins cheeappp target! plus they were super cute!

balloons! they were HUGE! 5.99 plus they add a really cute touch! & they already have tassels and glitter on them! here

cupcakes + cake DIY

Animal figures $ store! yup! 1$ so cheap! + we already had tons of paints!

food: we did chili dogs + chips + root beer! the chili was from a local old town cony place and they were a huge hit!! & budget friendly!

for the decor we pretty much had everything, table cloths, tee pee psst. its on sale!! cake stand.. etc..

* everything was well under 100$!*

on to me getting emotional! omg!! you guys where and seriously where does the time go?! how is it that that little girl is just that a girl! she doesn't look like a baby no more those pig tails really add too the big girl look! Since Ava turned two I feel like she is a different person! she is sassy! omg! sooo sassy! she has a personality that is HUGE & her heart is bigger. She is so caring and kind when she wants to be cause oh boy! we are in the dun dun dun...... terrible twos !! I swear the tantrums lately have been so hard.

Ava my sweet girl you are so your dada but you have your mamas patience and attitude! which can be a good and a bad thing. you love animals & "roni" macaroni, speaking of animals your doggies are your favorite. You also LOVE cake! we set you up with your own cake in your teepee and you just did your thing girl! Oh! you also do this awesome thing that Nana taught you after everyyyy bite if something is just soooo good you say "mmmmMMmmmm!!" haha I will say it does make me feel good If I just whipped up something for lunch ;) I could write a milion and one things of why I love you! most of all cause you are YOU! You fill our hearts with so much happiness & joy! Happiest second brithday baby girl! mama and dada love you!!

* if you are still reading this thank you times a million for sticking around cause whew! that was a long one! * check out Avas first birthday post HERE


  1. This is all so cute! love love that cake!

    1. Thank you! It was surprisingly super easy! piping bags are the best for that! :)) hope you had a great weekend!



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