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Thursday, April 6, 2017

So I'm sitting here with the heat on and fuzzy socks, coffee in hand because *clears throat* it snowed! I know!? like come on! where is spring! Ive been feeling some major fixer upper inspiration! Ive been on a binge watching JoJo work her magic and transform rooms! Also since the weather here was nice for about a day then back to snow today?! so overrrr it! Im ready for spring and with spring comes spring cleaning. 

At least for me it does. I love having all the windows open a clean scented candle burning I love the Pf candle co. packaging and have yet to buy one but I'm currently burning this honeysuckle jasmine candle I got from walmart and it smells seriously so good! and it was under $5! I put together a little collage of inspiration for our kitchen! since we are renting I always want to swap out art work or hang up new things and its a shame we cant paint! 

I love the white tones with wood accents and pops of copper! funny thing I have that bread pan above in a set of 3 one says tea, sugar,bread and its so cute its an off white though more of a cream so I want to re purpose that to something like the one above I love those tea towels too and the E A T sign! ahhh! ok Im done haha hopefully this post gave you some major inspiration and ideas!  


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