Monday, April 10, 2017

OMG! kind of freaking out inside!! Ive been wanting to do this for so long! If you guys remember this post when I chopped my hair into a LOB (here) because I was a new mom and I needed a change ya know? ;) welllll I got that itch again and its been 2 years since I got my hair done and since high school when I had blonde in my hair. A little back story I use to do blonde highlights and side swept bangs cause I thought I was so cool haha! looking back at photos I'm like what was I thinking!? haha 

so when I seen balayage a few years ago I said once my hair grows out to where I want it I'm going to get it! So i bit the bullet and went ahead and pampered myself! I was super scared to do it since I haven't had any blonde in my hair in 10 years! & since I was reallllly dark before I didnt think my hair would lift at all the first time I thought I would have a slight change and wouldn't really be able to notice but I was soooo wrong!! You guys! if your in the central Michigan area go to The Avenue & request Karly and tell her I sent you! 

seriously her work is amazing shes so talented and Is amazing at what she does! Another concern I had was that my hair would be dry and straw like since I was adding blonde. Karly gave me a hair treatment to make sure my hair was soooo soft! seriously soooo soft! and NO breakage at all. I was so impressed and I'm sooo happy with how it turned out seriously its exctly what I wanted I showed her these pics 1//2//3// and they looked just like the pic! I do love the more cool tones and ashy tones so I'm going back to her in a month to lighten it up a little more since its a little warmer but seriously it looks so good and it feels so good! not to mention the pamper session was like the best part to my mom week I had and I haven't done that In a long time so it was long over due and much needed! 


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