A Q U A R I U M + 2nd Birthday Planning

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Saturday we took Ava to the Aquarium for the first time at the great lakes crossing mall. She had so much fun I highly recommend it if your in the area. Her face lit up when she seen the fishes or as she says "phhhishhies " haha. She dint know what to expect and Honestly I was surprised how good she did! 

With her second birthday is coming up and she is at the age of throwing fits here and there or when she is super tired she doesn't want to do much which I cant blame her, so I was so happy everything went smoothly and she had a blast! The sting rays were her favorite. We also had a book that we had to stamp and she got  a prize at the end so she loved helping me stamp her book & she ended up getting a necklace that says sea life. She has to have it on everyday while she is playing and its the cutest! You guys I have so much to plan for and so much to get ready for birthday wise! I feel like I'm drowning! I have the theme so thats a good start right?! haha. April is going to be a busy month for us party planning and festivities! 


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