The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alright so if you have been following along with me on instagram you've seen that Hubs surprised me with this fiddle leaf Fig for Valentines day along with some goodies see post here ;) Anyways I wanted to do a proper introduction to the blog and introduce Ophelia! You know cause you gotta name your fig right?

God! what a high maitnence plant! I've been obsessing over these for months now and I love how they are styled in every corner of magizine homes spread all over pinterest, so when I found out this one was for sale at a local boutique I was super excited and it was only 70 bucks! I will however say after finding her and reading horror stories about how these plants are super hard to care for I started doubting if I ( the plant killer) would even be able to keep this thing alive! Almost like bringing a new baby into the home! haha ok not that dramatic but these things tend to be pretty needy, just the right water, just the right sun NO direct sunglight or it can get a sunburn, not too much water and don't let a draft in or it could catch a chill! no really! haha these things can all happen and right now its safe to say Ive had her for 2 weeks and so far so good.

 I will say her leaves have dropped and started getting alittle brown but I have hope and am determined to keep her alive!! My black thumb is slowly turning yellow! haha cheers to keeping her alive! I'll update you all with how things are going! check on instagram for more frequent updates Also wanted to add a side note that I just have not been in the mood to rush to get a post up and write sometimes the brain and soul just need a break ya know? from all this social world but it is nice to be back! onward to this week may it go by fast! Happy Humppp dayyyy!


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