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Thursday, March 9, 2017

I completely forgot about these dreamy photos from La Jolla! I seriously have so many more that I want to share and I probably will but I narrowed it down to these ones! The weather were having in Michigan right now is ridiculous it was super windy yesterday and I was just getting use to the sunshine and the warm breeze! Im seriously so. ready.for.springggg. ha ha 

So for now I'll causally browse through old computer files I seriously forgot about? like how do I forget about these! Please tell me Im not the only one! When it comes to pictures I have thousands and I'll go back through and look at them like "Oh! I forgot about that!! "It's like finding a hidden treasure? ha ha & it immediately takes me back to this place warm Cali air, slow breeze, palm trees swaying to the rhythm, the ocean waves crashing along the shore. Ahhh yep! spring can come anytime in the midwest!


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