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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It feels good to be back on here! I found taking some breaks really helps keeping my mind clear and fresh! since changing my blog around a little bit its kind of made it harder for me to blog so I'm definitely thinking about refreshing it a little bit ;) 

I wanted to do a sort of chatty post and catch up with everyone who still stops by and reads this little blog. It's so crazy to think that this all formed about 5 1/2 years ago!? so crazy how much has changed on here from my very first post. some days I feel like I get into the swing of things and I post 3 times a week and have fresh content and crisp photos, & then there are days when I get writers block and then I don't take pictures cause I forget and I get into a routine of not blogging or writing and then I feel kind of lost if that makes sense.. I truly enjoy having this blog not only as a hobby but as an outlet and a personal space I can call my own..somewhere I can write down what I'm feeling and get it all out motherhood, travel, life things & most of all I love connecting with you guys! especially in the comments or on instagram I've made some great mommy friends! So grateful for this community! 

I also wanted to say if you need a break take one! If you don't feel like blogging don't! but by all means do come back when your recharged and ready some days I feel like I HAVE to post and some days I  post because I want too ;)) hopefully this little rant made sense & Thank you for every single one of you!! 


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