Spring His & her Outfit Ideas with Bonobos

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

hey guys! spring is literally here! well maybe not here in michigan quite yet but its officially spring! with warm weather comes warm clothes! Im currently working on swapping out my sweaters for tanks and dresses and jeans for shorts! I normally do this every season ;) 

Anyways, I was contacted by bonobos to create a "his and her" spring outfit. They have mostly mens clothing but Im impressed with their site and the spring colors my husband typically stays away from he would consider wearing! plus it's subtle and not like PINK pants in your face type of stuff.. unless your into that!  & if this cute dress and those shoes! gasp! could make their way into my closet that would be great ;) I love pops of pinks for spring and this dress is gorgeous! see here for all outfit details! :) Also pairing it with this statement clutch and mixing prints makes it feel vibrant and fresh! top it off with a pink lip and some accessories how cute are those sunglasses the round look gives this look a bohemian feel which I personally love. 

I use to do posts like this allll the time when I first started blogging and I miss it! I just put together master bedroom inspo  I'll be posting next week! so excited for that! Thank you bonobos for the great idea! 

shop the mens collection here


Instagram round-up + an Update

Monday, March 27, 2017

 *via pinterest*

helllloo! happy monday friends! Ive been so much more active on instagram lately and Ive been slowly posting on this here blog. It was stressing me out to try to get posts up and if I was blogging enough of not enough.. It was starting to be fun for me anymore. So now! Im ready to get back into blogging at my own pace! I shared my birth story part one and part 2 will be up this week! im also going to be sharing My breastfeeding experience! so be on the look out for that. I really want to go back to doing lifestyle posts so I thought I would share what  I've been up lately via instagram! 

first off Im having major re-decorating fever! I just want to re do everrryythinnnng! haha Im obsessed with the dark wall trend and I want to paint an accent wall in our master bedroom + incorporate wood tones while keeping things light since the wall will be so dark. 

I've been loving kiwi! Its finally in season here and its been so good. I scored this tee  at the thrift store " the adventure begins" and its sooo soft!  my little bug has been so good lately! she's also had some of the beginning stages of the terrible twos. Ive been loving her snuggles lately though and she's also taking her naps again since she stopped for a little while! I definitely need to update on her more often I miss those posts and I always go back to her monthly baby updates! 


a birth story part 1

Thursday, March 16, 2017

i don't even know where to begin i wish i could tell you that i had a smooth and fast delivery but honestly it was no where near that or what i had expected in fact it was everything i feared. i know that last part sounds a little dramatic but lets get to it. it all started around 3 in the morning 5/10 ( mothers day)  when i woke up from some intense contractions they kept coming but not close enough together to go in. so the waiting game began i was able to finally get back to sleep & wait things out. i walked around most of the morning to speed things up since we already have been to the hospital 3 times due to false alarms and contractions that kept coming, & they had to stop them at 26 weeks due to being way too early. so 2:00 rolls around and im in pain hunched over but at this point i could still walk through them. i tell hubby this is it and he doesn't believe me! typical haha we walked out the door and to the car with no bags. finally we are in triage waiting for about an hour till we get our room we get back there and prior i was dilated to a one for about 3 weeks and 50% and the day before i was at a 2! and 75% they check me and i was a 3 still having intense contractions could barely talk through a few of them & they tell us to walk the halls for an hour & i could barely walk at this point they just kept coming they check me again and no change so they sent us home.

i could go on and on about how they sent us home but ill spare it for now ;). we get home & 45 minutes later im in tears crying laying on the floor can barely walk up the stairs telling my husband i don't know whats wrong and i can't do this, & why didn't they keep me? he looked me in the eyes and said we need to go back, he called L & D and told them we were just there but we are coming back. he grabbed the bags ;) loaded the car up and held me until we got to the car. from here everything is a blur the ride there seemed like it took forreeverrr. i squeezed his hand so hard. they got us right into triage checked me and i was at a 6-7!! within an hour from the time i was just there and 90% effaced. we were  admitted.

we get into our room and at this point im still in intense pain but feeling much better that we were admitted i had asked for an epidural due to the pain being so intense ( one of my fears was that i dilated to far to receive the epidural ) im a baby  when it comes to pain & i didn't plan on having a "natural birth"

part 2... coming soon

we are in love over here & if your still here reading this thank you!

**this was in my drafts for so long I thought I should share my birth story now that its 2 years later!** 

Lost Files C A L I F O R N I A

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I completely forgot about these dreamy photos from La Jolla! I seriously have so many more that I want to share and I probably will but I narrowed it down to these ones! The weather were having in Michigan right now is ridiculous it was super windy yesterday and I was just getting use to the sunshine and the warm breeze! Im seriously so. ready.for.springggg. ha ha 

So for now I'll causally browse through old computer files I seriously forgot about? like how do I forget about these! Please tell me Im not the only one! When it comes to pictures I have thousands and I'll go back through and look at them like "Oh! I forgot about that!! "It's like finding a hidden treasure? ha ha & it immediately takes me back to this place warm Cali air, slow breeze, palm trees swaying to the rhythm, the ocean waves crashing along the shore. Ahhh yep! spring can come anytime in the midwest!


Blogging Rant...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It feels good to be back on here! I found taking some breaks really helps keeping my mind clear and fresh! since changing my blog around a little bit its kind of made it harder for me to blog so I'm definitely thinking about refreshing it a little bit ;) 

I wanted to do a sort of chatty post and catch up with everyone who still stops by and reads this little blog. It's so crazy to think that this all formed about 5 1/2 years ago!? so crazy how much has changed on here from my very first post. some days I feel like I get into the swing of things and I post 3 times a week and have fresh content and crisp photos, & then there are days when I get writers block and then I don't take pictures cause I forget and I get into a routine of not blogging or writing and then I feel kind of lost if that makes sense.. I truly enjoy having this blog not only as a hobby but as an outlet and a personal space I can call my own..somewhere I can write down what I'm feeling and get it all out motherhood, travel, life things & most of all I love connecting with you guys! especially in the comments or on instagram I've made some great mommy friends! So grateful for this community! 

I also wanted to say if you need a break take one! If you don't feel like blogging don't! but by all means do come back when your recharged and ready some days I feel like I HAVE to post and some days I  post because I want too ;)) hopefully this little rant made sense & Thank you for every single one of you!! 


The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Alright so if you have been following along with me on instagram you've seen that Hubs surprised me with this fiddle leaf Fig for Valentines day along with some goodies see post here ;) Anyways I wanted to do a proper introduction to the blog and introduce Ophelia! You know cause you gotta name your fig right?

God! what a high maitnence plant! I've been obsessing over these for months now and I love how they are styled in every corner of magizine homes spread all over pinterest, so when I found out this one was for sale at a local boutique I was super excited and it was only 70 bucks! I will however say after finding her and reading horror stories about how these plants are super hard to care for I started doubting if I ( the plant killer) would even be able to keep this thing alive! Almost like bringing a new baby into the home! haha ok not that dramatic but these things tend to be pretty needy, just the right water, just the right sun NO direct sunglight or it can get a sunburn, not too much water and don't let a draft in or it could catch a chill! no really! haha these things can all happen and right now its safe to say Ive had her for 2 weeks and so far so good.

 I will say her leaves have dropped and started getting alittle brown but I have hope and am determined to keep her alive!! My black thumb is slowly turning yellow! haha cheers to keeping her alive! I'll update you all with how things are going! check on instagram for more frequent updates Also wanted to add a side note that I just have not been in the mood to rush to get a post up and write sometimes the brain and soul just need a break ya know? from all this social world but it is nice to be back! onward to this week may it go by fast! Happy Humppp dayyyy!


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