Valentines Day + Decor around the house

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentines day is tomorrow!? omg! I don't know what it is about Valentines day but Im such a slacker when it comes to decor! I go all out for Christmas but some years I feel like Should I even decorate for V-day? I don't know maybe its just me but I feel like its so short and christmas is like a month long event in our home haha! well I did it this year! Mostly for miss Ava! and because we wanted to paint cute hearts! 

I had some pink and cream tissue paper that I needed to use so I DIY'd some Tassel Garland and it was soooooooo easy! I followed this video. I made Ava some mini garland for her kitchen & I also put on a few of my favorite pink and red lipstick and kissed this canvas that I gave to hubs! he thought I painted it ;) haha I was like paint? he's like "yeah, how did you do this.. did you paint it.? I'm like, "no I kissed it..put lipstick on and kissed it" haha he's like "ohhhh" not sure if that was a fail or what? haha I also let Ava paint some paper that we later cut into cute hearts and hung them up on our gallery wall since there is too much white going on I needed some color! Also these photos were snapped with my phone! Im going to be back into the blogging grind with my DSLR shortly ;))


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