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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guys. I've been wanting to do a  chatty post for a while now about blogging and this blog and social media in general I always feel like its something I talk about from time to time and I truly believe in taking breaks when You don't want to blog and thats how I've been lately. just not in the moooooood.

Like I have all these Ideas flowing and I want to do a cute valentines day photo shoot and make some V-day crafts but this weather we've been having has been affecting my mood! In all seriousness I honestly think I have like weather depression! its a thing! haha Like 2 days ago. two! the sun was out and peeking through my window lighting my whole place and I didnt have to turn the lights on till it got dark! I cracked my windows for the first time in months to let a fresh cool michigan breeze in for an hour and it was pure heaven! the fresh air really did me good and got me into this spring cleaning kick. but HA! HA! February laughed in my FACE! and decided to rain today?! yeah. Rain! in February?! in michigan? I knowwww!? haha

please excuse me while I go on and on about how I need the sun and Im honestly sick of this shit. but I think we get the point here haha so I thought I would get a post up beacuse I really want to blog and I have a lot on my mind right now haha so here we are. its 11 at night and "the sun will come out tomorrow" or at least it better.

end rant.

I know your seeing this today! so happy hump Dayyy! *face palm* moment when you think you hit publish but you were so tired you didnt #momlife. 

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