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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sorry Ive been a little MIA lately I've been focusing on shutting down from social media and taking mini break since I tend to get burnt out & in a blogger funk. Buuuuuutt Im back! + I wanted to mention some of my goals for the new year! 

I know a lot of people are getting into fitness and I think its great what better way to start the new year with a fresh start! I love how the new year is a new start and anything is possible! I seriously fell in love with the lifestyle (rather then it being a diet) aspect of the fitness world I still have so much to learn and Ive been consistently working out for the last 2 weeks! so thats a start! wooo!

I took some "before" pics & I cant wait to compare in 6 weeks! Right now Im using a Nike Training App for 6 weeks and it has all the workouts I need! Ive also been focusing on Abs & my booty! I loved the hashtag you don't get the ass you want by sitting on it haha! I seen another one saying "squat because you never heard a rap song about a small ass" haha anyways.. this is kind of a touchy subject to me and I want to do a more serious post all about this journey and how I feel and what motivated me to get into this lifestyle! I'll share more about that next week but for now here are some of my must haves for working out!  

Nikes- These are the shoes I have and I love them they are light weight and go with everything! I love these & these.

Sports Bra- this one from victorias secret is comfy & cute + its on SALE!

Yoga Mat- This is a must have for me since I tend to slip around on the carpet and my feet cant get a good grip this matt helps me get a good grip especially for those knee to chest

Water Bottle- A cute water bottle make it easier and more fun to drink out of I also loved this from pinterest adding in fruit also changes it up a bit

Fit Bit Charge HR- I have this and I love it! Its so much more affordable then the apple watch & it tracks my heart rate & how many calories I burned on top of how many flight of stairs I climbed and also has an app where I can sync everything too including how much water Ive had my goal is 72 ounces since Im horrible at drinking water :/


What are some of your goals for the new year? :)


  1. Love that sports bra! I've never heard the rap song quote but that is hilarious!


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