Lost Files! San Diego

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

^ we had too haha ^

Guys! where do I even start with these! I could of sworn I shared them! These are some of the many lost files from our trip to San Diego & we seen the USS Midway & the infamous statue that we of course had to replicate! haha I didnt actually meet Tom Cruise but I seriously thought it was him! haha He loookeedd exactly like him! Im mostly just reminiscing cause I need the sun Its been so cold here and These pics aren't helping! haha anyone else ready for it to be warm? or is it just me? haha 

Update on Ava! if you follow me on instagram you know that she got croup over the weekend! It was miserable & the worst! I felt so babd for my baby. All she wanted to do was snuggle and thats perfectly ok with me! she is now feeling 100% better! but still a little stuffy. Now I can say mama has it! I don't know if I have what she had but Im definitely feeling stuffy and sleepy! 2017 is off to a rough start! 


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