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Monday, January 9, 2017

hey! Im back getting into the swing of things this new year & blogging! You know how you have those times where you just feel so un creative and have like no ideas and your mind draws a blank well thats literally how I've been the last few weeks! I find taking time off social media can relaly get my creative brain flowing again.. I have so many new exciting ideas for this new year! & this blog! I don't plan on changing a whole lot but I did want to get some advice on what you guys would like to see? more outfit posts? more lifestyle posts? home decor just let me know ;)

 I decided to do a quick instagram round up for anyone who doesn't follow along on there, here is a little bit of whats been going on! We took Ava to I-Hop for the first time! ordered her the cute smiley face pancakes thinking it would be the best thing eveeerrr! well. her face was so excitied and happy but she literally ate all of the whip cream and nothing else #momfail!   

Its well into January and christmas has gone and past but please tell me im not the only one with christmas stuff still up? haha I think Im going to keep these christmas lights up all year round!

Snuggles have been happening a lot over here lately and guess what!? Ava has all of her bottom teeth! her top two "canine" teeth are coming down and she's been just wanting to snuggle so thats all we've been doing! 

working out has been a challenge this new year Im going on week 3! taking the weekends off to give my body time to rest and its seriously been kicking my ass! not to mention Ava likes to help me out by stealing my dumbbells haha 



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