Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ah! its that time of year again! A new year a new reason to declutter and get rid of old things. I think I go through this phase every year and I always end up feeling so much better after getting rid of junk I don't need I donate a lot of it & I thought about opening up an isntagram account to sell some of my clothes as Ive seen other bloggers do. 

Following the decluttering I am in this full on re decorate mode using things I already have and swapping them out of different rooms and updating a lot of things with a good ol' can of chalkboard paint. My living room is currently functioning as the play room since our bedrooms are up stairs. So keeping it decluttered and tidy is out of the question with a toddler and thats ok! 

Here is some inspo that I've been loving for the living room! many of you may or may not have seen this pink chair we have int he living room I'm trying to keep it down here but I dont really know haha I love this DIY chair. Also I have a TV stand that was given to me and it sits to low so Im on a mission to find an old dresser to use instead. (just another reason to hit the thrift store ;) I really want to add some greenery and plants since I only have one :/ Hi. My name is Chealsey and Im a plant killer. Not intetionllay haha but I have a black thumb so artifical is the route ill be taking unless its super easy to maintain! ha ha. 

I love the idea of an old rustic shelf to display pics on. along with some soft elements like throw pillows or a faux fur rug. I found a Lamp I kind of want to DIY too. Anyways! I hope you found some insperation! Im working on a post of Ava's new toddler room! :) 


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