The Little Things..

Monday, January 30, 2017

these are some of Ava's things that use to fit her a few months ago!? I seriously go through her things like once a month she grows like crazy! she's currently in 2t-4t and I cant believe it! she can still fit into some 12 month clothing but its a little snug ;) those little heart tights she wore last year for Valentines Day. Stop growing baby girllll!! 


Downtown With Mama.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

hey! hope you guys had a good weekend! I spent saturday with my mama, we went down town thrifting and had lunch! it was the most fun I've had in a long time and something we plant to make it happen once a month if not more! This shop we went to here was so different unlike any other shop I've been in, it sells mostly locally owned things so it makes it extra special having things homemade from Michigan. ( check out my instagram for the store ;) I loved the laid back bohemian meets modern vibe that it had & I loved the black wall and the candles smelt amazing! If I didn't spend all my money thrifting I would have definitely bought one haha I always do that! 


when your sick...

Monday, January 23, 2017

 You throw on some of your favorite thrifted high waisted Levis, & play dress up with your babe. You let the house just kind of go. & just go with it there are toys everywhere, dishes piled high, laundry stuffed in the corner waiting to be washed. The dogs are sleeping & you've watched 50 episodes of peppa pig. Watching your daughter Light up at just doing her own thing putting on whatever she wanted to wear and watch her explore. when your sick you throw your hair in a messy bun and pile on mascara cause it makes you feel just a little better. sick days need to happen more often minus the sick part ;) did I mention all the snuggles I get? they don't happen very often so when they do its like pure bliss! 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ah! its that time of year again! A new year a new reason to declutter and get rid of old things. I think I go through this phase every year and I always end up feeling so much better after getting rid of junk I don't need I donate a lot of it & I thought about opening up an isntagram account to sell some of my clothes as Ive seen other bloggers do. 

Following the decluttering I am in this full on re decorate mode using things I already have and swapping them out of different rooms and updating a lot of things with a good ol' can of chalkboard paint. My living room is currently functioning as the play room since our bedrooms are up stairs. So keeping it decluttered and tidy is out of the question with a toddler and thats ok! 

Here is some inspo that I've been loving for the living room! many of you may or may not have seen this pink chair we have int he living room I'm trying to keep it down here but I dont really know haha I love this DIY chair. Also I have a TV stand that was given to me and it sits to low so Im on a mission to find an old dresser to use instead. (just another reason to hit the thrift store ;) I really want to add some greenery and plants since I only have one :/ Hi. My name is Chealsey and Im a plant killer. Not intetionllay haha but I have a black thumb so artifical is the route ill be taking unless its super easy to maintain! ha ha. 

I love the idea of an old rustic shelf to display pics on. along with some soft elements like throw pillows or a faux fur rug. I found a Lamp I kind of want to DIY too. Anyways! I hope you found some insperation! Im working on a post of Ava's new toddler room! :) 


Lost Files! San Diego

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

^ we had too haha ^

Guys! where do I even start with these! I could of sworn I shared them! These are some of the many lost files from our trip to San Diego & we seen the USS Midway & the infamous statue that we of course had to replicate! haha I didnt actually meet Tom Cruise but I seriously thought it was him! haha He loookeedd exactly like him! Im mostly just reminiscing cause I need the sun Its been so cold here and These pics aren't helping! haha anyone else ready for it to be warm? or is it just me? haha 

Update on Ava! if you follow me on instagram you know that she got croup over the weekend! It was miserable & the worst! I felt so babd for my baby. All she wanted to do was snuggle and thats perfectly ok with me! she is now feeling 100% better! but still a little stuffy. Now I can say mama has it! I don't know if I have what she had but Im definitely feeling stuffy and sleepy! 2017 is off to a rough start! 


Ideas for the new year + Blogging

Monday, January 9, 2017

hey! Im back getting into the swing of things this new year & blogging! You know how you have those times where you just feel so un creative and have like no ideas and your mind draws a blank well thats literally how I've been the last few weeks! I find taking time off social media can relaly get my creative brain flowing again.. I have so many new exciting ideas for this new year! & this blog! I don't plan on changing a whole lot but I did want to get some advice on what you guys would like to see? more outfit posts? more lifestyle posts? home decor just let me know ;)

 I decided to do a quick instagram round up for anyone who doesn't follow along on there, here is a little bit of whats been going on! We took Ava to I-Hop for the first time! ordered her the cute smiley face pancakes thinking it would be the best thing eveeerrr! well. her face was so excitied and happy but she literally ate all of the whip cream and nothing else #momfail!   

Its well into January and christmas has gone and past but please tell me im not the only one with christmas stuff still up? haha I think Im going to keep these christmas lights up all year round!

Snuggles have been happening a lot over here lately and guess what!? Ava has all of her bottom teeth! her top two "canine" teeth are coming down and she's been just wanting to snuggle so thats all we've been doing! 

working out has been a challenge this new year Im going on week 3! taking the weekends off to give my body time to rest and its seriously been kicking my ass! not to mention Ava likes to help me out by stealing my dumbbells haha 


# you don't get the ass you want by sitting on it + goals for 2 0 1 7

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sorry Ive been a little MIA lately I've been focusing on shutting down from social media and taking mini break since I tend to get burnt out & in a blogger funk. Buuuuuutt Im back! + I wanted to mention some of my goals for the new year! 

I know a lot of people are getting into fitness and I think its great what better way to start the new year with a fresh start! I love how the new year is a new start and anything is possible! I seriously fell in love with the lifestyle (rather then it being a diet) aspect of the fitness world I still have so much to learn and Ive been consistently working out for the last 2 weeks! so thats a start! wooo!

I took some "before" pics & I cant wait to compare in 6 weeks! Right now Im using a Nike Training App for 6 weeks and it has all the workouts I need! Ive also been focusing on Abs & my booty! I loved the hashtag you don't get the ass you want by sitting on it haha! I seen another one saying "squat because you never heard a rap song about a small ass" haha anyways.. this is kind of a touchy subject to me and I want to do a more serious post all about this journey and how I feel and what motivated me to get into this lifestyle! I'll share more about that next week but for now here are some of my must haves for working out!  

Nikes- These are the shoes I have and I love them they are light weight and go with everything! I love these & these.

Sports Bra- this one from victorias secret is comfy & cute + its on SALE!

Yoga Mat- This is a must have for me since I tend to slip around on the carpet and my feet cant get a good grip this matt helps me get a good grip especially for those knee to chest

Water Bottle- A cute water bottle make it easier and more fun to drink out of I also loved this from pinterest adding in fruit also changes it up a bit

Fit Bit Charge HR- I have this and I love it! Its so much more affordable then the apple watch & it tracks my heart rate & how many calories I burned on top of how many flight of stairs I climbed and also has an app where I can sync everything too including how much water Ive had my goal is 72 ounces since Im horrible at drinking water :/


What are some of your goals for the new year? :)

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