Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Exploring around downtown was so much fun this past weekend! I think we are going to make it a habit to go more often! They have the cutest shops and this blue wall was so unique! I want to go back when the lights are lit up though! Cheers its HUMP day and onward to the weekend! Its going to be high 80's and this mama cant wait! 


cheers to mojitos too! Ive never had one so this weekend thats going to change check out this recipe I found on pinterest! Yum! 


I've been a long time lover of my shampoo +  conditioner theme for far too long,  I usually leave my conditioner in while I continue my shower routine and then I rinse it out at the end. When I was approached by New Wash everything about shampoo and conditioner changed. How can you only use one product that does both the work of a shampoo and conditioner? 

What is new wash?
New wash is a new take on your typical shampoo and conditioner + a natural approach retailing at 40.00 + works on all types of hair styles!

I tested and tried it out for about 3 weeks mind you this was around the time I just had my hair balayaged so I was skeptical of trying it. First thoughts? The consistency feels like a hair mask its a little thicker then your average shampoo and it doesn't lather but that didn't stop me from using it It felt like a luxurious hair mask I massaged it into my scalp and worked its way to my ends and let it sit until I was done.

ps.! New Wash Is made with essential oils and No parabens + Sulfate free + detergent free & it smells fresh and clean! 

The packaging
can we just talk about how simple and cute the packaging is! I love that it has a pump!!

Hair Loss?
lets back up. I usually always loose my hair especially when Im brushing it thanks to pregnancy and my hair falling out and then regrowing I don't loose it severely it just comes out when I brush through my hair anyways, I found that this helped a lot with that and I noticed less shedding!

Final results?
honestly and Im being totally honest with y'all I didn't Love it like I thought I would maybe its because I just had my hair done but sometimes I felt like I didn't use enough and sometimes I used too much and it would leave my hair greasy maybe I didn't wash it out all the way ;) I normally let my hair air dry ( it might be different if you blow dry) & It smelt supper good! I also tend to have a dry scalp and it helped with that tremendously!

Would you recommend it?
YES! Even though It didn't work for me it might work for you! I love that it doesn't have all the chemicals other shampoos have so I felt good using it! Also it felt really nice on my scalp like I said And it would be nice to use as a hair mask if you wanted to go back and forth ;))

**thank you New wash for sending me this! all opinions are my own**


Friday, June 2, 2017

 I think every woman on this planet wants to be like Joanna Gaines! I was reading her blog one night and I came across this recipe and I was so intrigued. I honestly have never had this before but I do love Lemons & a light and airy treat to satisfy my sweat tooth! I even had my babe help me. This is something I want to do more of, I loved seeing her face light up as she stirred the pie filling and when she helped me pour the mixture into the bowl. I love that she is so interested in cooking! I dream of the day I have a big farmhouse kitchen like Joanna! Overall this recipe was super easy! & we all know I'm not the best baker! 


Grahm Cracker Crust pre made
* I opted for this method to save time but you could totally make your own!*
3 cups "Eagle brand" sweetened condensed milk
3 egg yolks
2/3 cups lemon juice
*I used 1/3 cup since my lemons were smaller I used about 3*
a dash of salt ( but I forgot to add it ) oops!


1 small carton of heavy whipping cream

2 cups confectionate sugar

This was probably my favorite! I did tweak the recipe a little bit and instead of using regular sugar I used confectionate sugar to thicken up the heavy cream & make whipping by hand a lot easier! my arm was so sore by the time I was done with this & I might of told my husband I want a kitchen aide for christmas haha!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Anyone else just feel like they have so much clutter in their home?! We are currently renting a house with a basement which mind you we've never had a basement before and I'll tell you what, don't get a place with extra storage because guess what is in the basement? tons and tons of things we don't need! Im serious If Ava doesn't use a "big" toy anymore put it in the basement, If she outgrows her clothes, put them in the basement, that office chair doesn't have a home, basement.. you get the idea.. plus we kept all of our boxes when we moved so the stairs part of the basement is full of empty boxes and honestly I hate going down there. 

Our washer and dryer is also down there so it makes it easy for me to forget to switch that load ;)) haha! or maybe I do that on purpose so I don't have to fold it! Anyways, having our  home free of clutter and things that just don't make sense and refresh our space with functional yet clean pieces is my ultimate goal! yet I'm slowly realizing as my husband likes to say I'm a pack rat and refuse to believe it! hence the reason we have so much shit. haha!

I pulled together some of my favorite "farmhouse" decor pieces to spruce up your space I love that rug! & I love the idea of a mason jar herb garden even though well all know I have a black thumb ps. (ophelia) my fig is taking a vacation at my moms house until she gets "better" yeahhh.. I was killing her and my mama has the ultimate green thumb so Im hoping she can save her! hopefully this gave you some inspiration to de clutter and re decorate your home! you can shop everything here 


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hope You all had a good Memorial weekend! We decided to take a quick trip up north to Higgins Lake! The water was so blue and Ava was not sure of the sand, I honestly thought it was going to be a bad trip since we drove over 2 hours. Luckily she had a blast and kicked her shoes off and dipped her toes in the water with Dada. I have so many pictures of these two similar to the ones above from our trip to California. I cant believe how old my baby looks and how much of a little girl she looks like! Time needs to slow down! on another note I joked with my husband that she looks like the baby on the copper tone sunscreen bottle here ;)) what do you think?

Avas 2nd Birthday!! " Animal Theme" + Details!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The cake! I cant take credit for the baking part since that is not my specialty! haha! so thank you to my husband for having the patience to bake and frost the base for me as I decorated and frosted the top! We topped her off with a cute Giraffe My mom and I DIY'd all the animals and I gave her some pink lips along with some eye lashes! it was so fun!! haha and it might be my new hobby! 

 ^ papa^

 ^ my moms favorite! she takes all credit for this one ;) ^

  ^  My favorite besides the giraffe ^

                       all the cupcakes were topped with pink sprinkled animal crackers! 
^  Oh my heart!!  ^

 You guys!! first let me start off by saying it feels soooooo good to be back!! I have been so busy with life lately and birthday planning that I kind of sort of well, I did. Neglect this little blog! haha & I have a new charger for my lap top! so we are good to go until I don't post for a few months oops!!

 I have posted a little sneak peek on instagram of Ava's birthday party and I am so excited to say that I am finally sharing it with all of you! I wanted her second birthday to be sooo relaxed and laid back. I also didnt want to stress myself out about a lot of little things. Yet I made a million fake animals have party hats and gave them lipstick and eyelashes! haha seriously that was a ton of fun! & they will be put to good use in Ava's Play room on a rustic shelf! Anyways, Im talking about the little BIG things. like the cost for one, I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on some things that would just get thrown away. So I'm going to step by step walk you through what we did.

plates/ napkins cheeappp target! plus they were super cute!

balloons! they were HUGE! 5.99 plus they add a really cute touch! & they already have tassels and glitter on them! here

cupcakes + cake DIY

Animal figures $ store! yup! 1$ so cheap! + we already had tons of paints!

food: we did chili dogs + chips + root beer! the chili was from a local old town cony place and they were a huge hit!! & budget friendly!

for the decor we pretty much had everything, table cloths, tee pee psst. its on sale!! cake stand.. etc..

* everything was well under 100$!*

on to me getting emotional! omg!! you guys where and seriously where does the time go?! how is it that that little girl is just that a girl! she doesn't look like a baby no more those pig tails really add too the big girl look! Since Ava turned two I feel like she is a different person! she is sassy! omg! sooo sassy! she has a personality that is HUGE & her heart is bigger. She is so caring and kind when she wants to be cause oh boy! we are in the dun dun dun...... terrible twos !! I swear the tantrums lately have been so hard.

Ava my sweet girl you are so your dada but you have your mamas patience and attitude! which can be a good and a bad thing. you love animals & "roni" macaroni, speaking of animals your doggies are your favorite. You also LOVE cake! we set you up with your own cake in your teepee and you just did your thing girl! Oh! you also do this awesome thing that Nana taught you after everyyyy bite if something is just soooo good you say "mmmmMMmmmm!!" haha I will say it does make me feel good If I just whipped up something for lunch ;) I could write a milion and one things of why I love you! most of all cause you are YOU! You fill our hearts with so much happiness & joy! Happiest second brithday baby girl! mama and dada love you!!

* if you are still reading this thank you times a million for sticking around cause whew! that was a long one! * check out Avas first birthday post HERE


Monday, April 24, 2017

^ attempted to make bird nest treats out of rice crispy! ^

I try to get family photos of us for every holiday and last year we took these and they turned out super cute! This year Ava wasnt having it haha and we only got 2 good ones! She wanted to get down and play so thats what she did! I thought I would include the ones where she is actually over it! haha #reallife

Our 6 year anniversary also fell on easter so that was nice too and I managed to get a quick pic with my man! I cant believe it's been half a dozen already! Many more adventures with you to come! I love you babe! 

 Hope everyone had a good Easter! 



Monday, April 10, 2017

OMG! kind of freaking out inside!! Ive been wanting to do this for so long! If you guys remember this post when I chopped my hair into a LOB (here) because I was a new mom and I needed a change ya know? ;) welllll I got that itch again and its been 2 years since I got my hair done and since high school when I had blonde in my hair. A little back story I use to do blonde highlights and side swept bangs cause I thought I was so cool haha! looking back at photos I'm like what was I thinking!? haha 

so when I seen balayage a few years ago I said once my hair grows out to where I want it I'm going to get it! So i bit the bullet and went ahead and pampered myself! I was super scared to do it since I haven't had any blonde in my hair in 10 years! & since I was reallllly dark before I didnt think my hair would lift at all the first time I thought I would have a slight change and wouldn't really be able to notice but I was soooo wrong!! You guys! if your in the central Michigan area go to The Avenue & request Karly and tell her I sent you! 

seriously her work is amazing shes so talented and Is amazing at what she does! Another concern I had was that my hair would be dry and straw like since I was adding blonde. Karly gave me a hair treatment to make sure my hair was soooo soft! seriously soooo soft! and NO breakage at all. I was so impressed and I'm sooo happy with how it turned out seriously its exctly what I wanted I showed her these pics 1//2//3// and they looked just like the pic! I do love the more cool tones and ashy tones so I'm going back to her in a month to lighten it up a little more since its a little warmer but seriously it looks so good and it feels so good! not to mention the pamper session was like the best part to my mom week I had and I haven't done that In a long time so it was long over due and much needed! 


K I T C H E N // D E C O R

Thursday, April 6, 2017

So I'm sitting here with the heat on and fuzzy socks, coffee in hand because *clears throat* it snowed! I know!? like come on! where is spring! Ive been feeling some major fixer upper inspiration! Ive been on a binge watching JoJo work her magic and transform rooms! Also since the weather here was nice for about a day then back to snow today?! so overrrr it! Im ready for spring and with spring comes spring cleaning. 

At least for me it does. I love having all the windows open a clean scented candle burning I love the Pf candle co. packaging and have yet to buy one but I'm currently burning this honeysuckle jasmine candle I got from walmart and it smells seriously so good! and it was under $5! I put together a little collage of inspiration for our kitchen! since we are renting I always want to swap out art work or hang up new things and its a shame we cant paint! 

I love the white tones with wood accents and pops of copper! funny thing I have that bread pan above in a set of 3 one says tea, sugar,bread and its so cute its an off white though more of a cream so I want to re purpose that to something like the one above I love those tea towels too and the E A T sign! ahhh! ok Im done haha hopefully this post gave you some major inspiration and ideas!  


A Q U A R I U M + 2nd Birthday Planning

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Saturday we took Ava to the Aquarium for the first time at the great lakes crossing mall. She had so much fun I highly recommend it if your in the area. Her face lit up when she seen the fishes or as she says "phhhishhies " haha. She dint know what to expect and Honestly I was surprised how good she did! 

With her second birthday is coming up and she is at the age of throwing fits here and there or when she is super tired she doesn't want to do much which I cant blame her, so I was so happy everything went smoothly and she had a blast! The sting rays were her favorite. We also had a book that we had to stamp and she got  a prize at the end so she loved helping me stamp her book & she ended up getting a necklace that says sea life. She has to have it on everyday while she is playing and its the cutest! You guys I have so much to plan for and so much to get ready for birthday wise! I feel like I'm drowning! I have the theme so thats a good start right?! haha. April is going to be a busy month for us party planning and festivities! 


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