So long Petunia!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! We took lots of time to relax and unwind and just were in complete awe watching Ava open her gifts! Seriously I don't know whats better christmas as a kid or christmas with your kids! its seriously the cutest thing watching her facial expressions. We said farewell to Petunia as she made her exit to the North Pole until next year!  I loved watching her find her elf every morning in a new spot. This christmas was the best one yet!

I got some workout clothes and some new nikes & a fit bit which Ive been wanting for a while now so thats definitely motivated me to be active everyday I'll do a whole post on that soon ;) for now we are in full recovery mode and laying low as we watch endless episodes of peppa pig #noshame haha! 


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