Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shopping for your man, or any guy really, Is so hard every christmas I ask Jeff to write a list and he always says," I have everything I need." Last christmas I got him socks & underwear haha along with some other things too but you get the idea! Men are difficult! Hubs loves all things tech! & Star Wars so I tried to make this gift guide apply to everyone but mostly that guy who is also into tech things!

Leather Jacket- this is something that is good quality and would last a life time, I got him this one a few years ago and while I would love to get him a real leather jacket this one does the trick and its much more affordable!

Cologne- One thing I love is when Hubs wheres cologne it smells so good and it instantly makes him feel refreshed and spruced up! 

surround sound- to give movie night a whole new experience!

VR Headset- these are so popular right now and if you have a phone that allows you to view VR this is a fun gift! 

Socks/Slippers- I know I said socks above like it was a bad thing but in all reality its the gift we love to hate or should I say hate to love? I honestly love getting a nice cozy pair of socks & slippers!
Star Wars Movies- for the star wars fan, or any movie 

Razor & Beard oil- this is like a pamper gift for any guy! I love this one 

Coffee Mug- I love the masculinity to this chrome one! you cant totally customize this too!

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  1. Ooh thank you for this guide! I actually am looking for a present for my boyfriend so this guide is just perfect for me.


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