Lost Files -Sand Dunes

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I found a whole bunch of lost files from our vacation we took a few months ago to California & Arizona ( all of our travels here) I cant help but reminisce! These are a just a few of my favorites when we were heading back to my mother in laws house from phoenix & we decided to pull over and take some pictures at the sand dunes because it was too pretty not to! The sun was just setting and it was the perfect temperature. Ava had a blast! she got to stretch her legs and run wild with so much free space! I loved seeing her play and run up small hills!

I had to share these hope you don't mind! Since we are rolling into the winter months here in Michigan (it was like 55 today by the way) & I'm so excited for snow! I already have my christmas decor up & the snow will just top it off & really get me in the christmas mood ya know?

p.s. I tried something different with my photos in this post instead of them being their "normal" size I made them extra large Im not sure If I  like it let me know what you guys think :))



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