Monday, December 5, 2016

 Christmas is only a couple weeks away! This is pretty much what my christmas wish list looks like! Mom life is busy & these are a few of my mama favorites I thought I'd share with you guys and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration! 

1. Name Necklace Mint & Birch is my favorite site for custom jewelry the rose gold is beautiful and its such a pretty keepsake

2.  Second to the Engraved Necklace. Stack Rings are also a great gift! perfect to engrave your littles names or a special date!

3. PJ's 9 times out of ten as a SAHM I'm in pjs and they aren't the cute ones haha they are my old sweats and a baggy tee so I always look forward to christmas time since hubs is such a sweetie and gets me a new set every year VS is my favorite and they are super comfy recently got these for my bday ;)

4. Slippers cant go wrong with these! Im sure its a gift really any one would love!

5. If you love candles then a candle is a perfect gift every time I get a new candle it gives me some motivation to clean haha anyone else?

6. Nail Polish for the girly girl. Something you might not know about me is Im secretly a nail polish hoarder seriously its a problem! haha whenever I have some "me" time I love to kick back and do my nails as a little pick me up.

7. Speaking of pick me up can we talk about coffee? our coffee pot broke! so I'm on the hunt for something recently a friend recommended the french press that Ive had my eye on! or a Keurig is a good idea too ;)

8. Why not add a cute little coffee cup too! ps. target has the best!

9. Like I've mentioned before I love to have a little pick me up and pamper myself when missy goes to sleep! I use to do this a lot back in the day and make DIY masks and hair masks and body scrubs. I've had my eye on this Glam Glow mask.

10. Polaroid Camera.  Recently just got this for my birthday and I cant say enough about it! its seriously the coolest thing I own and I would recommend it to anyone! memories at your finger tips

11. Fig leaf tree. Alright I'm sure by now all of you have heard the hype on the fig leaf tree I found it on amazon but if you want to go the more affordable route a small fig leaf will do



  1. Candles & Slippers while making some delicious coffee? I am not a mom && I am in love :)

    Kailagh Anne |

    1. right! I guess you don't have to be a mom to love these haha I don't know why I labeled it that! ha ha

  2. Those pjs look so comfy!! I'm definitely in need of some new ones!

  3. You neeeeed that Glamglow's magical!


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