Family Session + Tree Farm 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

 Family Lifestyle Session Tree Farm 2 0 1 6 

You guys I've been dipping my feet into the "photography" world I don't know what you would really call it.. but I have been taking lifestyle pics for the last 5 years for this blog as a hobby and I recently have been looking into starting my business and taking on clients this new year! 

 I've been so hesitant about starting & I have no idea why or where to start! In all honesty I can say Im a shy person ;) I have been taking pictures for my dear friend from High school you may have seen posts here & here I took her engagement photos which were so gorgeous by the way! She is such a fun free spirited human! Julia, Matt (her FiancĂ©) & Willow make my job easy in the photo taking since they are seriously naturals! I had such a hard time only choosing a "few" since they all turned out so good!

  ps. Isn't Willows face at the end just the cutest!!

I love lifestyle photography the sentimental moments that aren't staged or "posed" the ones that just happen naturally! This is still a work "in progress" Im still deciding on how I want to start things! 

hello to 2017 & working towards new goals! I just wanted to say thank you everyone for your support and comments on this new journey! what are some goals you have for the new  year?


So long Petunia!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday! We took lots of time to relax and unwind and just were in complete awe watching Ava open her gifts! Seriously I don't know whats better christmas as a kid or christmas with your kids! its seriously the cutest thing watching her facial expressions. We said farewell to Petunia as she made her exit to the North Pole until next year!  I loved watching her find her elf every morning in a new spot. This christmas was the best one yet!

I got some workout clothes and some new nikes & a fit bit which Ive been wanting for a while now so thats definitely motivated me to be active everyday I'll do a whole post on that soon ;) for now we are in full recovery mode and laying low as we watch endless episodes of peppa pig #noshame haha! 


Throwback + Rant

Thursday, December 22, 2016

throwing it back to last christmas + the yummiest cheeks I ever did see.

You guys I cant even think straight! christmas is just a few days away and I already feel like I have so much to do its currently 12:10 at night (this was last night ;) and im sitting in bed just running through this never ending list in my head. Im hosting christmas this year and making a big breakfast and Im stressing out. & quite honestly still don't know what Im going to make. any ideas?! I know I tend to seem like I have it under control in most of my posts I hardly ever write about personal stuff butttt you know this is l life and i just felt the need to write a good heart felt post.

 I still have to go out and get a few more gifts cause #lastminuteshoppingiswhatpeopledoright? haha please tell me im not the only one? this little blog has been getting neglected which sucks cause I enjoy writing and talking to you guys about how things are going but I don't think I've ever done like a chatty rant post just about life. you know? I have so much going on that I want to tell you guys! something Ive been keeping a secret for a while now. come the new year I know everyone gets so sick of the new year new me shit but Im serious haha thats like where I'm at right now.  working towards goals is the main thing right? I cant wait for 2017 I think it will be a good year I have so much exciitng things planned and I cant wait to share them with you all! anyways rant over just so much to do so little time #momlife with a toddler is no joke.

 Ive also been in this funk of not wanting to even do the dishes like I'll make dinner and the other night I made cookies and left a huggggeee mess and I was like f*ck it im not doing anything and just  sat on the couch with my phone hubs being the best man in the world that he is did the dishes and Ifelt so bad but it felt so good to just sit. Ive also been loving a little me time and listening to music with my head phones Love this song, & this one, on repeat. Hope you all have a merry christmas or whatever you celebrate and I am so appreciative of every single one of you who keep reading this here blog 

cheers to the new year!!


Christmas Home Tour + our tree!

Friday, December 16, 2016

^wow i could of cleared off the counter & moved our office chair ^ haha oops! #reallife^

 ^ don't mind the books we were organizing ;)) ^

I love seeing how other bloggers/people decorate for the holidays every one has such different style! I love the whole minimal thing and I typically like things to look neat and clean but on the other hand I love a good vintage stocking from the thrift store and some not so minimal pieces ;))

 I have been searching everywhere for fresh garland and I couldn't find any so we used faux. I also decorated the lower half of the tree with pom pom puffs so that way  Ava can take them off and play with them I seen an idea that decorating with felt ornaments is a good idea too if you have a little one who likes to take your ornaments and hide them all over......AVA!... haha! my favorite park of the house is the entrance way when you walk in. I have my little christmas houses all lit up and my hunter boots on display since they are my go to when its super snowy out.  I want to start doing more home decor based posts is that something you would like to see? Im in the middle of redoing Ava's nursery to a toddler room! I am going to do a whole post on that!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shopping for your man, or any guy really, Is so hard every christmas I ask Jeff to write a list and he always says," I have everything I need." Last christmas I got him socks & underwear haha along with some other things too but you get the idea! Men are difficult! Hubs loves all things tech! & Star Wars so I tried to make this gift guide apply to everyone but mostly that guy who is also into tech things!

Leather Jacket- this is something that is good quality and would last a life time, I got him this one a few years ago and while I would love to get him a real leather jacket this one does the trick and its much more affordable!

Cologne- One thing I love is when Hubs wheres cologne it smells so good and it instantly makes him feel refreshed and spruced up! 

surround sound- to give movie night a whole new experience!

VR Headset- these are so popular right now and if you have a phone that allows you to view VR this is a fun gift! 

Socks/Slippers- I know I said socks above like it was a bad thing but in all reality its the gift we love to hate or should I say hate to love? I honestly love getting a nice cozy pair of socks & slippers!
Star Wars Movies- for the star wars fan, or any movie 

Razor & Beard oil- this is like a pamper gift for any guy! I love this one 

Coffee Mug- I love the masculinity to this chrome one! you cant totally customize this too!

Tree Farm 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

Alright I have a confession to make.. we've never had family photos done. ever. I know its so bad because then I have to stress out and set up my tripod and self timer my ass for ten seconds while running back to hold a pose like Ive been sitting there for ever ha. ha. not the case at all. I am so picky with photos and how I want them to look that I typically end up taking all of them myself or hubs takes them and for the most part they turn out okay.

 I kid you not we took about 20 and the one at the top is honesty the only one that turned out with all of us, every other one we were all looking away. to my surprise Ava was so good and she went and sat right on the blanket when I was testing out how everything would look. I thought it was going to be a nightmare. especially with a busy toddler. It was also freeezinggg so we were out side for a total of ten minutes! we popped her in her sled that came in so handy (this was before the snow) I know I should have waitied until we had actual snow but im impatioent ok.  haha 


instagram round up christmas edition!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I wanted to try something a little different today! I decided to  do a roundup of photos from instagram. Christmas (edition) is my favortie time of the year and Ava received her Elf this year! so its going to be even more fun! except she's been chilling in the same spot more often then I would like so I pinned a ton of ideas here to get creative!  

I want to start doing these roundups for anyone who doesn't follow on instagram & for some switch up on this blog since things have been kind of slow around here lately with a sick baby & lots of cuddle time! 


Monday, December 5, 2016

 Christmas is only a couple weeks away! This is pretty much what my christmas wish list looks like! Mom life is busy & these are a few of my mama favorites I thought I'd share with you guys and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration! 

1. Name Necklace Mint & Birch is my favorite site for custom jewelry the rose gold is beautiful and its such a pretty keepsake

2.  Second to the Engraved Necklace. Stack Rings are also a great gift! perfect to engrave your littles names or a special date!

3. PJ's 9 times out of ten as a SAHM I'm in pjs and they aren't the cute ones haha they are my old sweats and a baggy tee so I always look forward to christmas time since hubs is such a sweetie and gets me a new set every year VS is my favorite and they are super comfy recently got these for my bday ;)

4. Slippers cant go wrong with these! Im sure its a gift really any one would love!

5. If you love candles then a candle is a perfect gift every time I get a new candle it gives me some motivation to clean haha anyone else?

6. Nail Polish for the girly girl. Something you might not know about me is Im secretly a nail polish hoarder seriously its a problem! haha whenever I have some "me" time I love to kick back and do my nails as a little pick me up.

7. Speaking of pick me up can we talk about coffee? our coffee pot broke! so I'm on the hunt for something recently a friend recommended the french press that Ive had my eye on! or a Keurig is a good idea too ;)

8. Why not add a cute little coffee cup too! ps. target has the best!

9. Like I've mentioned before I love to have a little pick me up and pamper myself when missy goes to sleep! I use to do this a lot back in the day and make DIY masks and hair masks and body scrubs. I've had my eye on this Glam Glow mask.

10. Polaroid Camera.  Recently just got this for my birthday and I cant say enough about it! its seriously the coolest thing I own and I would recommend it to anyone! memories at your finger tips

11. Fig leaf tree. Alright I'm sure by now all of you have heard the hype on the fig leaf tree I found it on amazon but if you want to go the more affordable route a small fig leaf will do


Lost Files -Sand Dunes

Thursday, December 1, 2016

I found a whole bunch of lost files from our vacation we took a few months ago to California & Arizona ( all of our travels here) I cant help but reminisce! These are a just a few of my favorites when we were heading back to my mother in laws house from phoenix & we decided to pull over and take some pictures at the sand dunes because it was too pretty not to! The sun was just setting and it was the perfect temperature. Ava had a blast! she got to stretch her legs and run wild with so much free space! I loved seeing her play and run up small hills!

I had to share these hope you don't mind! Since we are rolling into the winter months here in Michigan (it was like 55 today by the way) & I'm so excited for snow! I already have my christmas decor up & the snow will just top it off & really get me in the christmas mood ya know?

p.s. I tried something different with my photos in this post instead of them being their "normal" size I made them extra large Im not sure If I  like it let me know what you guys think :))


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