The Ocean + A CAFE

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

^ such a good daddy how did I get so lucky! ^
I forgot to take a picture of my food I ended up getting over easy eggs, bacon + has browns but hubs got this breakfast burrito with Avocado & I was so jealous!
I wish I bought the name of this lovely restaurant they had the best ocean views and some Delish fresh fish tacos!
Dada + Auntie 
<3 her supermodel status I look like im 4ft tall haha! fyi Im 5'1!

BACK AT IT AGAIN with another vacation post from California. Im not about to get into the whole politics thing so I will just post on a happy note since instagram and Facebook are a battle zone of hate comments. & people unfollowing people and unfriending them literally because of their opinion is ridiculous to me but on to happier things! 

This was probably my favorite time in california we stayed the night in La, JOLLA (first post h e r e) and it was a dream I guess you could call this La jolla part 2 haha but we will just call it the ocean + a cafe. the weather was perfect and sunny! Ava hated the sand and didn't dip her feet in the ocean since it was still a little cold. but she did love the seals!

 If I could explain my feelings on our trip it would be grateful. & that it felt like I died and went to heaven haha not to mention the place we at ate the next day! I forgot to take pics of this cute restaurant that had the best FISH TACOS in the world! the ocean breeze just toped it off. ;) 

You want to know an inside secret? or maybe youdont? haha well I spaced out and while I was packing our over night bag I only thought about that night and not what I would be wearing the next day... SO mama got Ava clothes packed Hubs clothes packs and Pjs and what to wear the next day but SOMEHOW I forgot to bring an outfit for the next day. So i ended up wearing my romper cause I would be roastin g in sweat pants and a sweat shirt #momfail! so I can gurantee theses next few vacation posts you will see me in the same oufit.. #classy haha



  1. You take the dreamiest pictures of your travels!

    1. Thank You!! such a compliment, It does help that the locations are gorgeous!!



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