Thanksgiving + Christmas Houses!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hope You guys had a good thanksgiving and ate till you were full & then had left overs the next day ;)! #mershedpertaters were the best! yum! haha who remembers that meme from a while back!? (check it out here) If you already  knew what I was talking about I love you! haha! 

We went over to my parents for thanksgiving and Ava had so much fun! My mom decorated for Christmas early this year & had all of her Christmas houses out and lit up fake snow & all! Ava was in awe! We had a delicious thanksgiving dinner talked, shared laughs, & tried to get some family photos by the pine tree outside but we I was being a goof and had my mouth open every picture haha  we got maybe 3 that look good. Thanks to my brother for being the funny photographer he is and cracking jokes. While I look like a creature of some sort with my mouth hanging wide open haha! ok! maybe Im being a little dramatic but you get the point!

 I'm loving the way these pictures turned out by the way and can we just take a sec to focus on my moms decor skills? I have always loved her style and how she decorates we have such different taste! I'm more minimal, I love clean and whites and pops of color here and there and she just loves everything! & makes it work! shes my thrift shop buddy and she can spot something from across the store have it set up in her house and make it look like she spent hundreds on it! something I wish i had an eye for & something you may not know about me is I'm a horrible decorator I just browse painters for hours and then try to recreate something on there if it were up to me I wouldn't know where to start haha I'm how decor blind! I keep bugging my mom to start a blog too! It think she would be great it ;) Hi mom if your reading! ( I know she is ) haha  



  1. Great job �� Mamma was just reading Hi, the pictures look great����

  2. I gueas i can't use smiley least I figured out how to add a reply


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