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Monday, November 7, 2016

Since we are rolling into the winter months and it will be cold here soon I have been dreading sleep training Ava. like what do I do? haha lets flash back to when Ava was a newborn and she slept in her bassinet because I refused to let her sleep on me in fear of all the horror stories I heard! flash forward to Ava at 6 months she sleeps in her crib wakes up a few times a night normally just wanting her paci. or a midnight breastfeed ( you know the good ol days) and then blinking and seeing peanut sleeping on my chest, & somehow we slowly got into a routiene of her sleeping with us at night and bam! haha now we are here a whole year later and miss thang is all over the place kicking and rolling and punching haha not intentionally or maybe it is. anyways the reason why im writing this post is to maybe get some sort of insight. Im tottaly against the cry it out method so we won't be doing that. she has occasionally been taking naps in her crib here and there and she seems to sleep so much better and wakes up so happy! also since she is a year and a half she climbs so we may have to convert her crib! see what I mean!? lost. mamas lost. ill keep you all updated on how it goes and check back in a year from now. kidding. kidding. 


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