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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

If you know me you know Im all about comfort. The same thing goes for my baby. When she is comfortable and happy, Mama's happy. We have gone through multiple shoes of all different styles and I can't tell you how many we have lost. They slip off of her feet, they left marks on her feet & you could tell she was super uncomfortable and I hated seeing my baby in pain! 

We searched high and low for the perfect shoe the most important thing is comfort so when I teamed up with Freshly Picked & they ever so kindly sent me a pair of Ava's first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins I was simply overwhelmed with gratitude! I received them in the cutest packaging & the first thing I noticed when I took them out of the box was I was so intrigued with the high quality & the color (we chose rose gold!) they feel so soft & make for the sweetest keepsake.

 I did want to add that they do run true to size! the sizing chart is super easy to read and I highly recommend measuring your babes foot! we got a size (6) with room to grow! we honestly could have gotten away with a 5 but I was playing it safe ;) 

Im a boho lover myself if you couldn't already tell ;) so I was already sold on these. My honest and whole hearted review on the moccasins is that they have actually been a godsend. no. seriously. Hear me out okay, since Ava has been entering the terrible twos ( she's a year 1/2 going on 13 haha ) she has been throwing fits about her shoe situation she has been kicking to get any of her shoes off & I was honestly quite surprised that she left them on for Im not joking all morning while we were watching cartoons and eating breakfast with her buddha belly and all haha! like no big deal right? What tugs on my heart strings a little bit is the sweet message on the back of the packaging

 "Each little shoe that is worn by your child holds their tiny footprint in the bottom of our leather moccasin forever. Those years go by so quickly but these keepsakes will remind you of when they were so little."


A huge thank you to freshly picked for sending some moccasins our way we are loving them & most of all my baby is comfortable & that makes mama happy ;))

** ALSO right now they are having their BLACK TUESDAY SALE where everything site wide is 25% off**

I also wanted to include some real life moments too ;)

**please note this is a collaboration with Feshly Picked all thoughts are my own**

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