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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

these were taken a few weeks ago when we had leaves its currently snowing! 

Im 2 4 today! it feels so weird but then again it feels like any other day. I had a bit of anxiety kick in this morning thinking holy hell where did the years go?! how is it Im 24! I know to a lot of you that doesn't seem "old" I guess it doesn't to me either but I feel like somehow my life is just beginning. 

This year I've learned a lot about life, about myself, about my marriage, about motherhood. A lot about time. That it is too precious, How in a second everything can change.  I reflected on the years I had thus far and how far I've come. Each birthday is a blessing I've realized after I watched the age of Adeline (highly recommend that movie if you haven't seen it already!) & it has me thinking in a whole new light on becoming older! 

I feel all the things this birthday but Grateful is what stands out the most. Grateful to be a mother after years of infertility, & struggle. Grateful to have a loving husband who treats us so.damn.good. Grateful that their are men like him and grateful to have him set such a great example of what love is in Ava's eyes. Grateful for our "home" even though its not ours it is where we are right now & wherever I am with my tribe I am home. Grateful for all the simple things and everything in between my heart this year is full and my glass is full.so.full. 


Im also grateful for all of you who keep coming back and reading this here blog ;) 
sorry for the sappiness & I hope you all have a good thanksgiving and tomorrow we feast! 


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