Happy Halloween My Little Kitty!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

^ don't worry we took her sucker out when dada threw her up in the air^ 

You guys where did my baby go? You know how Facebook has the memories that  pop up? Well, mine popped up today and it was Ava last year at this time for halloween she was an elephant you can see that post here  I swear this year flew by and its almost 2017?! How did that happen?? 

Excuse my sweat pants and no makeup other then my fabulous cat whiskers. The only way I could paint on Ava face is if she seen me do it first ;) I had such a fun idea planned to take pictures with her buuutt #momlife. we gave her a goody basket with a few fun things like paint, a book, a new cup & a "baby" (unicorn) everything is "baybeee" ha ha she had so much fun and thats all that really matters! Happy Halloween sweet kitty cat we love you so so so much! 


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