Flannel + OTK boots!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So I've been eyeing the OTK trend for the last few months well actually the last year but I couldn't find any under 100$ I finally found some OTK boots that aren't 800$ cause mamas not about to spend that much on some freaking boots. So I got these babes for 50 bucks from target and I had a ten dollar off coupon! They are so soft and tie in the back & look so cute with everything! This flannel I thrifted years ago in the "mens" section, always scope out the mens section when thrifting ;) they always seem to have hidden gems. These jeans I got at american eagle & they are like a burnt orange perfect for fall & even summer. I didn't mean for this to be an outfit post but I had to share these boots! Also Im thinking about doing a thrifting post or haul? I love seeing those on youtube & blog posts it's so fun to see what other people find & I've slowly started getting my christmas decorations out. Anyone else super excited for christmas this year?! heres some ideas that Ive been loving! 


**this is not a sponsored post**


  1. Thrifting in the men's section is the only way to do it when you are in need of some flannels!! Also, Target has amazing shoes always. Hands down the best store.

    Kailagh Anne

    1. yes! it seems to be almost all the time! haha



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