Donut bar 🍩 San Diego, CA

Friday, November 11, 2016

 photo credit Hubs ;))

 one of the many stops we made in San Diego was Donut Bar. I personally didn't get to go and was super jealous of my husband and brother in law who did!  Mama had baby duty ;) & missy wouldn't have liked waiting in line but now that Im looking back at the pics we should have taken her! We did order our donuts the day before and I was honestly hesitant to it. haha I was like what is so special about a freaking donut?! welllll hubs returned with some donuts I requested the pumpkin cheesecake & it was so good! they were still warm and the middle was filled with this delicious cream cheese! my mouth is watering just thinking about it! they have this pop tart donut too that is like a pound and its giant! haha till next time! 

&& its friday! woooop!


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