Thanksgiving + Christmas Houses!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hope You guys had a good thanksgiving and ate till you were full & then had left overs the next day ;)! #mershedpertaters were the best! yum! haha who remembers that meme from a while back!? (check it out here) If you already  knew what I was talking about I love you! haha! 

We went over to my parents for thanksgiving and Ava had so much fun! My mom decorated for Christmas early this year & had all of her Christmas houses out and lit up fake snow & all! Ava was in awe! We had a delicious thanksgiving dinner talked, shared laughs, & tried to get some family photos by the pine tree outside but we I was being a goof and had my mouth open every picture haha  we got maybe 3 that look good. Thanks to my brother for being the funny photographer he is and cracking jokes. While I look like a creature of some sort with my mouth hanging wide open haha! ok! maybe Im being a little dramatic but you get the point!

 I'm loving the way these pictures turned out by the way and can we just take a sec to focus on my moms decor skills? I have always loved her style and how she decorates we have such different taste! I'm more minimal, I love clean and whites and pops of color here and there and she just loves everything! & makes it work! shes my thrift shop buddy and she can spot something from across the store have it set up in her house and make it look like she spent hundreds on it! something I wish i had an eye for & something you may not know about me is I'm a horrible decorator I just browse painters for hours and then try to recreate something on there if it were up to me I wouldn't know where to start haha I'm how decor blind! I keep bugging my mom to start a blog too! It think she would be great it ;) Hi mom if your reading! ( I know she is ) haha  


on turning 2 4

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

these were taken a few weeks ago when we had leaves its currently snowing! 

Im 2 4 today! it feels so weird but then again it feels like any other day. I had a bit of anxiety kick in this morning thinking holy hell where did the years go?! how is it Im 24! I know to a lot of you that doesn't seem "old" I guess it doesn't to me either but I feel like somehow my life is just beginning. 

This year I've learned a lot about life, about myself, about my marriage, about motherhood. A lot about time. That it is too precious, How in a second everything can change.  I reflected on the years I had thus far and how far I've come. Each birthday is a blessing I've realized after I watched the age of Adeline (highly recommend that movie if you haven't seen it already!) & it has me thinking in a whole new light on becoming older! 

I feel all the things this birthday but Grateful is what stands out the most. Grateful to be a mother after years of infertility, & struggle. Grateful to have a loving husband who treats us so.damn.good. Grateful that their are men like him and grateful to have him set such a great example of what love is in Ava's eyes. Grateful for our "home" even though its not ours it is where we are right now & wherever I am with my tribe I am home. Grateful for all the simple things and everything in between my heart this year is full and my glass is 


Im also grateful for all of you who keep coming back and reading this here blog ;) 
sorry for the sappiness & I hope you all have a good thanksgiving and tomorrow we feast! 

Our Story with Freshly Picked!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

If you know me you know Im all about comfort. The same thing goes for my baby. When she is comfortable and happy, Mama's happy. We have gone through multiple shoes of all different styles and I can't tell you how many we have lost. They slip off of her feet, they left marks on her feet & you could tell she was super uncomfortable and I hated seeing my baby in pain! 

We searched high and low for the perfect shoe the most important thing is comfort so when I teamed up with Freshly Picked & they ever so kindly sent me a pair of Ava's first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins I was simply overwhelmed with gratitude! I received them in the cutest packaging & the first thing I noticed when I took them out of the box was I was so intrigued with the high quality & the color (we chose rose gold!) they feel so soft & make for the sweetest keepsake.

 I did want to add that they do run true to size! the sizing chart is super easy to read and I highly recommend measuring your babes foot! we got a size (6) with room to grow! we honestly could have gotten away with a 5 but I was playing it safe ;) 

Im a boho lover myself if you couldn't already tell ;) so I was already sold on these. My honest and whole hearted review on the moccasins is that they have actually been a godsend. no. seriously. Hear me out okay, since Ava has been entering the terrible twos ( she's a year 1/2 going on 13 haha ) she has been throwing fits about her shoe situation she has been kicking to get any of her shoes off & I was honestly quite surprised that she left them on for Im not joking all morning while we were watching cartoons and eating breakfast with her buddha belly and all haha! like no big deal right? What tugs on my heart strings a little bit is the sweet message on the back of the packaging

 "Each little shoe that is worn by your child holds their tiny footprint in the bottom of our leather moccasin forever. Those years go by so quickly but these keepsakes will remind you of when they were so little."


A huge thank you to freshly picked for sending some moccasins our way we are loving them & most of all my baby is comfortable & that makes mama happy ;))

** ALSO right now they are having their BLACK TUESDAY SALE where everything site wide is 25% off**

I also wanted to include some real life moments too ;)

**please note this is a collaboration with Feshly Picked all thoughts are my own**

Toddler Gift Guide!

Friday, November 18, 2016

I have been having the hardest time trying to figure out what to get Ava for christmas!! One day I  have all of these ideas that I think she will love and the next day they all change! haha So here is a few key items I think any toddler will love!! 

Teepee- lo & behold the Tee Pee trend! Since Ava is in that age of exploring ( or any toddler!)  I think she is going to love her teepee it's perfect for toddlers and big kids! I think she's going to have a blast reading her books or watching movies eating her snack & hiding from her doggies haha most likely you can find penelope right there with her! ha ha 

Ikea kitchen- this is something that I have been eyeing this! its so modern and I love that the stove top lights up! 

Play Food- to go along with her kitchen she already has a bunch of play food she feeds her "baaaybees" & its the cutest thing really loving the idea of felt play food from ikea

Shopping cart- currently Ava has a baby stroller and she is loving pushing her babies, teddy bears, food, snacks, & sometimes all of those things fall right out of the stroller haha so an official shopping cart will be fun! 

Moccasins- Freshly picked is hands down one of my favorite shops! they were kind enough to send me some moccasins for Ava! this going to be her very first pair so stay tuned for a review on those! & If you follow me on instagram or them then you seen that freshly picked is having their black friday sale 25% off and bringing back favorite moccs next tuesday @10am!! so mark your calendar!

fuzzy blanket- Ava has a lot of her "baby blankets" but she loves bundling up on the couch with the big blankets so I think getting her her own fuzzy blanket will be extra special! 

Chalkboard- I have a frame that holds magnets and I'm going to paint it with chalkboard paint along with her toy box and table and chairs that are in the basement since she was too little to use them so that is going to be fun!

Little People Toys- Ava has the barn already and a few little people toys and little guy we call bob and she loves playing with that & target has a great selection of little people sets 

baby doll- you can never have too many baby dolls ;)

hope these gave you some ideas on what to get for your toddler/baby! If You have any ideas I would love to hear what your getting your toddler! 


Flannel + OTK boots!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So I've been eyeing the OTK trend for the last few months well actually the last year but I couldn't find any under 100$ I finally found some OTK boots that aren't 800$ cause mamas not about to spend that much on some freaking boots. So I got these babes for 50 bucks from target and I had a ten dollar off coupon! They are so soft and tie in the back & look so cute with everything! This flannel I thrifted years ago in the "mens" section, always scope out the mens section when thrifting ;) they always seem to have hidden gems. These jeans I got at american eagle & they are like a burnt orange perfect for fall & even summer. I didn't mean for this to be an outfit post but I had to share these boots! Also Im thinking about doing a thrifting post or haul? I love seeing those on youtube & blog posts it's so fun to see what other people find & I've slowly started getting my christmas decorations out. Anyone else super excited for christmas this year?! heres some ideas that Ive been loving! 


**this is not a sponsored post**

Donut bar 🍩 San Diego, CA

Friday, November 11, 2016

 photo credit Hubs ;))

 one of the many stops we made in San Diego was Donut Bar. I personally didn't get to go and was super jealous of my husband and brother in law who did!  Mama had baby duty ;) & missy wouldn't have liked waiting in line but now that Im looking back at the pics we should have taken her! We did order our donuts the day before and I was honestly hesitant to it. haha I was like what is so special about a freaking donut?! welllll hubs returned with some donuts I requested the pumpkin cheesecake & it was so good! they were still warm and the middle was filled with this delicious cream cheese! my mouth is watering just thinking about it! they have this pop tart donut too that is like a pound and its giant! haha till next time! 

&& its friday! woooop!


The Ocean + A CAFE

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

^ such a good daddy how did I get so lucky! ^
I forgot to take a picture of my food I ended up getting over easy eggs, bacon + has browns but hubs got this breakfast burrito with Avocado & I was so jealous!
I wish I bought the name of this lovely restaurant they had the best ocean views and some Delish fresh fish tacos!
Dada + Auntie 
<3 her supermodel status I look like im 4ft tall haha! fyi Im 5'1!

BACK AT IT AGAIN with another vacation post from California. Im not about to get into the whole politics thing so I will just post on a happy note since instagram and Facebook are a battle zone of hate comments. & people unfollowing people and unfriending them literally because of their opinion is ridiculous to me but on to happier things! 

This was probably my favorite time in california we stayed the night in La, JOLLA (first post h e r e) and it was a dream I guess you could call this La jolla part 2 haha but we will just call it the ocean + a cafe. the weather was perfect and sunny! Ava hated the sand and didn't dip her feet in the ocean since it was still a little cold. but she did love the seals!

 If I could explain my feelings on our trip it would be grateful. & that it felt like I died and went to heaven haha not to mention the place we at ate the next day! I forgot to take pics of this cute restaurant that had the best FISH TACOS in the world! the ocean breeze just toped it off. ;) 

You want to know an inside secret? or maybe youdont? haha well I spaced out and while I was packing our over night bag I only thought about that night and not what I would be wearing the next day... SO mama got Ava clothes packed Hubs clothes packs and Pjs and what to wear the next day but SOMEHOW I forgot to bring an outfit for the next day. So i ended up wearing my romper cause I would be roastin g in sweat pants and a sweat shirt #momfail! so I can gurantee theses next few vacation posts you will see me in the same oufit.. #classy haha


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