Lost Files + A Rant..

Monday, October 24, 2016

 I found these lifestyle photos from our trip downtown about a month ago! I love seeing these type of posts and it really takes me back to how my blog was in the beginning like a documentation or memory file online to look back on as the years pass by. All of my posts in the beginning (almost 5 years ago?! what!?)  have been lifestyle posts restaurants we ate at, exploring the streets. Raw moments that I need to re capture and get out of this "perfect" blog mind set.

 I want to start living in the moment again and taking pictures as we do things as a family of three and I can tell you I don't do that nearly enough! I try to take my camera everywhere we go but I often forget and then I end up with blurry cell phone snaps. So Im taking this time to devote myself to my camera and get as many pictures as I can as a family so I can look back on them one day and be glad we are all in the shots, playing, dancing, laughing, walking, running. you name it! 

Aside from that, life moves to fast and before you know it your baby is a toddler and you have a gap of pictures. I loved documenting baby girls monthly updates but for some reason when she turned one I felt the need to stop. Im kicking myself because I wish I would have continued them! I love watching her grow and learn new things everyday.


side note we took a much needed vacay and I cant wait to share pictures with you guys! 

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