G Y P S Y ✌ F E S T I V A L

Monday, October 10, 2016

      ^ Loved this sign ^

 ^ this shop was amazing probably one of my favorites they had homemade goat milk and lavender bars they smelt devine! ^

Over the weekend we went to the Gypsy Flea Market. Its a local thing a lot of people attend its once a year and they have a lot of really cool vendors from etsy to mom and pop shops. I love supporting local boutiques and small business vendors. They had the coolest things! 

I loved the old bus that was displayed just like something off my pinterest board so I of course had to take some pictures! they also had a fig leaf plant I have been on the hunt for one of those babes for the last few months but my green thumb is more like a black thumb haha I cant keep plants alive for that long. :( I forgot to ask if it was for sale since I was to distracted haha. 

Another favorite was W W Farms I looooved everything they had the smells were so yummy and fresh! Lavender guys is my weakness. Also the cahnging leaves were so pretty!  until next year

G Y P S Y S 


*Also hooray for 2 posts in one day! Im taking a little break for the week!*
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