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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We are baaaacck! I took a much needed break from this blog and social media and only posted a few times on instagram and it felt so good to take a break! The werather was amazing and it was perfect weather!

 This was the new day after we flew in and were feeling super jet legged! haha and we are still feeling a little off in our schedule Ava especially! last night she didn't fall asleep until 11:30  We took a walk down to the local park and let Ava do her thing! One thing I need to draw attention to is her pony tail! it cracks me up and is so stinking cute reminds me of a pineapple haha! I need to find some cute bows so if you have any suggestions let me know ;)

I scored this cute boho top at a local boutique and its quicky become one of my favorites! 



  1. These are so cute! That top is such a good find!

  2. Welcome back to blogging :) This is such a cute post! Hope you're having a great day
    Love from Berlin,
    Charlotte Luisa |


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