Arizona Walking

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We are baaaacck! I took a much needed break from this blog and social media and only posted a few times on instagram and it felt so good to take a break! The werather was amazing and it was perfect weather!

 This was the new day after we flew in and were feeling super jet legged! haha and we are still feeling a little off in our schedule Ava especially! last night she didn't fall asleep until 11:30  We took a walk down to the local park and let Ava do her thing! One thing I need to draw attention to is her pony tail! it cracks me up and is so stinking cute reminds me of a pineapple haha! I need to find some cute bows so if you have any suggestions let me know ;)

I scored this cute boho top at a local boutique and its quicky become one of my favorites! 


Lost Files + A Rant..

Monday, October 24, 2016

 I found these lifestyle photos from our trip downtown about a month ago! I love seeing these type of posts and it really takes me back to how my blog was in the beginning like a documentation or memory file online to look back on as the years pass by. All of my posts in the beginning (almost 5 years ago?! what!?)  have been lifestyle posts restaurants we ate at, exploring the streets. Raw moments that I need to re capture and get out of this "perfect" blog mind set.

 I want to start living in the moment again and taking pictures as we do things as a family of three and I can tell you I don't do that nearly enough! I try to take my camera everywhere we go but I often forget and then I end up with blurry cell phone snaps. So Im taking this time to devote myself to my camera and get as many pictures as I can as a family so I can look back on them one day and be glad we are all in the shots, playing, dancing, laughing, walking, running. you name it! 

Aside from that, life moves to fast and before you know it your baby is a toddler and you have a gap of pictures. I loved documenting baby girls monthly updates but for some reason when she turned one I felt the need to stop. Im kicking myself because I wish I would have continued them! I love watching her grow and learn new things everyday.


side note we took a much needed vacay and I cant wait to share pictures with you guys! 

Date Night In

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

You guys since its getting alot colder out- well depending on where you live haha its getting cold here in michigan.We have been binge watching netflix. We finished stranger things and can not wait until the next season comes out! it was soooo good at first hubs was started watching it and I wasnt really feeling it but then It got super good and it sucked me in! After we finished that The Walking Dead has been our go to since we have a lot of catching up to do!

 If you were to ask me what a Date night In looks like this would be it. Lots of blankets and pillows. We typically end up making a big bed on the floor and snuggle up. You can find me in most likely a baggy tee and sweat pants. how cute are these ones from etsy!

For food we order PIZZA! This chocolate moose munch its sooooo good!! Since its "date night" drinks consist of a glass of wine or two or ten ;)) & Im loving bralletees right now for comfort my boobs have never been the same since breastfeeding haha tmi? check out this one here its feminine and comfy, instead of those old boring sports bras. 

Thanks to Adore Me for reaching out to me on the creative Idea of my perfect night in! check out their bra and pantie line here


G Y P S Y ✌ F E S T I V A L

Monday, October 10, 2016

      ^ Loved this sign ^

 ^ this shop was amazing probably one of my favorites they had homemade goat milk and lavender bars they smelt devine! ^

Over the weekend we went to the Gypsy Flea Market. Its a local thing a lot of people attend its once a year and they have a lot of really cool vendors from etsy to mom and pop shops. I love supporting local boutiques and small business vendors. They had the coolest things! 

I loved the old bus that was displayed just like something off my pinterest board so I of course had to take some pictures! they also had a fig leaf plant I have been on the hunt for one of those babes for the last few months but my green thumb is more like a black thumb haha I cant keep plants alive for that long. :( I forgot to ask if it was for sale since I was to distracted haha. 

Another favorite was W W Farms I looooved everything they had the smells were so yummy and fresh! Lavender guys is my weakness. Also the cahnging leaves were so pretty!  until next year

G Y P S Y S 


*Also hooray for 2 posts in one day! Im taking a little break for the week!*
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Friday, October 7, 2016

I have recently been loving so many new things for Ava! When I was pregnant these were so helpful I always seen them floating around Pinterest "Newborn must haves" & "Breastfeeding Essentials" I don't really see too many of them anymore geared towards toddlers so I have gathered some of our favorites! 

Lets start with hair! missy finally has enough hair for what I like to call a pineapple haha! Its the cutest! she is sort of in that awkward baby mullet phase but I cant bring myself to get her hair cut just yet plus I think its cute ;) so these ruberband elastics have been my favorite and they don't pull her hair! Im on a mission for felt bows I love Free Babes  and I cant wait to do more fun hairstyles like pig tails and braids! insert heart eyed emoji here 

Ava has this exact pair of socks from target and she loves wearing them! she thinks they are so cool that they have eyes & she especially likes to tell me "mama, eyyyeessss" haha

Pj's since we are entering the cooler months light weight is they way to go since she has a blanket on most of the night & its too hot for fleece! In the summer a diaper or shorts were they way to go since it was so hot. I love these by target and we love the Peppa pig ones! Baby Gap also has light weight supper soft pjs.

blanket I've seen pictures of babes with it on instagram and im considering ordering it for Ava I think the material is a little thicker. on a side note we are re loving on the muslin blankets she used when she was a newborn since they are super soft and again light weight.

how cute is that cup and bowl! Im always looking for new cups and bowls for Ava but she doesn't like to eat out of them? she throws her food on the table or scoops anything thats in a bowl/ plate out and eats it like that haha any one else babies do this?

Minnetonka mocs have been a favorite over here especially for fall they go with everything! and they are comfortable.

Baby Stella! Ava has been recently obsessed with feeding her babies. I could sit here all day and watch her play and feed her babies and say "nom, nom,nom" ha ha! she's such a good mama so her stella baby has a "bubba" & "binki" that magnets to her mouth and she thinks its the coolest thing!

Books. We have always loved books so those have been a favorite lately! she's been loving this one

I love sharing favorites along the way as Ava gets older I'd love to hear any of your favorites for you toddler :))


I cant think of a tittle so we are going to call this one green window.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

^ I swear Im not pissed haha ^

sweater// Local boutique//Mama Bird Tee//skirt// 

soooooo I forgot today was Tuesday! Im not sure what is going on with me forgetting the days but It feels like a monday! haha #momlife I try to post as much as possible through out the week especially on monday's. I have some fun posts lined up to share with you guys and some supppppper exciting news! 

Fall is here guys! & its been feeling like it here in michigan. The leaves are finally falling and slowly changing colors from green to auburn to yellow! Its my favorite time of year & I have been loving this chilly breeze but I can hold off on the snow for a while I feel like this winter is going to be a cold one. My go to shoe it seems like every fall has been my hunter rain boots. They are so comfy and they go with everything!


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