Toddler Approved Pizza Rolls!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

^ I wish you could smell them through the picture! ^

I find myself making these time and time again normally when Ava has had enough of the same thing like grilled cheese or mac n cheese, chicken nuggets (etc..) and lets not forget the days where missy refuses to eat and the dogs get it all! Nothing more frustrating then your babe not eating. 

I find that Ava normally refuses food when she's teething so something soft and warm is the way to go! I seen this recipe on pinterest after doing some research on some new lunch ideas for toddlers & I came across easy crescent pizza rolls! I honestly didn't think she would like them but I was so wrong! She LOVED them! We actually had them for lunch today! She had them with pretzels and broccoli and she surprisingly ate everythingggg! You mamas know thats a struggle! haha!
1 can pizza sauce
1 can crescent rolls
mozzarella cheese (or whatever cheese you want)
string cheese
aluminum foil
+ pepperoni /veggies

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