Instagram Roundup + Decorating for Fall

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

^ pumpkin garland from target dollar bin $3!^
 ^ I used Chalkboard Paint + A sharpie! ^

  A sleepy baby and her dog always makes my heart cozy. There is something about decorating for fall that gets me super excited! I decided I wanted to make it feel a little bit more cozy in here so I busted out my pendelton, put on some home made pot pourri. my favorite has been (2 cups water,half of an apple, peeled and cut, 3 spoonfuls of cinnamon) in a pot on the stove and let simmer. my house smells like an apple orchard.

 I attended a fall launch party for a local boutique and it was so much fun! I'll share details on what I bought soon! & Im still kicking my self for not getting that cute cactus mug! Also chalkboard paint has been so fun! I painted one of my pumpkins all white and wrote boo on it, the other one I  used a paper doily as a stencil and painted around it and in the center! Marked it with a W. I have been swooning over instagram and pinterses inperation for front porches haha! its surprisingly super fun! Im already looking at ideas for christmas! ha ha!! 


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