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Friday, August 19, 2016

I know this is a little different then what I normally post but I've been wanting to share a few products Ive been loving! 

Ive been using Mario Badescu  since before I was pregnant and once I found out I was pregnant with Ava I decided to take a more natural approach to my skin, so I  used only soap and water & I moisturized with coconut oil! My skin was surprisingly clear most of my pregnancy!  After I had Ava my hormones went crazy well so did my skin and I was now, breastfeeding so I personally decided not to switch my routine up just yet. soap, water, coconut oil.. 

b a c k g r o u n d

A little background. I suffered from severe acne in high school and then again after I got married & it sucks! at the time I was using everything I could find and it was honestly too harsh and too much on my skin.  I was then left with acne scars and pigmentation so I decided to search around a little bit but everything I found was super pricy from chemical peels, laser treatments (which Ive had in the past, deff did not work!) & expenssiiivee products. I needed something that was a little bit stronger for when I wore makeup and I needed a deep clean. Also something that was a little stronger in helping get rid of the acne scars.

I re discovered my Mario Badescu products and decided to try them out again. So far my skin is adjusting well. in all honesty I thought I would break out again since I was switching to a stronger skin care regimen. I do only use these products after I've worn makeup or I have a breakout!  The  facial cleanser is sooooo gentle on my skin and it smells really good, when I don't wear make up and I just need a quick clean rinse I use cetaphil. next I use the glycolic acid toner- perfect to remove any dead skin and it also tingles a little big and works as a mini peel every time I use this the next day my skin is glowing. to moisturize i use this SPF vitamin E moisturizer it contains retinol to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it smells good! These have really done wonders for my skin! I can happily say that I no longer have severe acne and I occasionally get a "mini" break out compared to what use to happen. & its normally around that time of the month thanks hormones. what are your favorite skin care products? 

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