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Monday, August 22, 2016

I cant tell you how many times I go into Ava's room and it just seems so bare! here is what her room use to look like It still has the same things on the wall her crib is in our room and by winter we are moving it back in her room ;)) also the pink chair is now down stairs.for right now she sleeps with us and it works for us! she sleeps all night and so do we! 

anyways Ive been feeling inspired on pinterest of course Ive been looking at lots of play room ideas! I want to turn her room into something fun for her! I will do a series on decorating her room. Before & After's If thats something you would like to see? 

I love seeing old rooms transformed! Currently binge watching fixer upper for the 5th time haha! The colors I want to keep the same. she already has a gold framed gallery and I DIY'd this Tassel Garland here! Im going to make another one to go around the teepee! it's so easy!! I really love baby pink with the gold frames & pops of color. Loving this cactus pillow! Bringing in a little bit of arizona to her room. Teepees are in every childs play room it seems like! 

I love the Idea of her reading and realaxing with lots of pillows the only concern I have is her pulling it or climbing it she has a this ball pit we got her for her birthday that she loves to climb in and out of so I don't think she would try to pull it down but you never know! The idea of a kitchen set is super sweet I want to find something like this 

 A bookshelf is a must for miss thang! she loves to read!! I love that! I also love the Idea of a storage shelf that can work as a bookshelf and wired bins mixed with the black add more of a contrast against the pink tones. I would fill the bins with some of her favorite toys, dolls,teddy bears, crayons, coloring books. (etc..) she's into coloring at the moment! 

Also a table and chairs set Loving this one here & this gallery for her art work makes my heart ache! I will post before and after photos of her room as I slowly get things here and there! hope this inspired you! let me know any ideas you have in your littles room/play room! 

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