How I balance mom life and run a blog!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I get this question so much, How do you keep up with blogging while being a SAHM?! where do you find the time to blog? How do you post 3 times a week?! Just because we stay at home moms don't "work" we do and boy don't get me started on that topic haha, we work very hard! I will tell you all of my secrets at how I keep up with this here blog & balance mom life. If you are anything like me you are busyyy 99% of the time you are on your feet keeping up with your little one changing diapers playing outside, lunch time, mess, clean off, let dogs out, feed dogs, clean house ( if theres time) dishes washed, laundry done (on a good day ;) no time for blogging!

1. Schedule. Its so important to have somewhat of a schedule together not just for blogging but if your a mama this helps out so much! I have recently been trying to get up before Ava does & it makes a world of difference. I have more energy & im not as sleepy typically we just snuggle in bed head down stairs have breakfast and we move slower then slow. Im telling you if you just change the time you go to bed to a little bit earlier & the time you wake up you will have so much more time in your day!

2. Take full advantage of nap time! Nap time is when I literally get everything I have on the "back burner" done! I don't make it a priority to blog unless I want to I truly enjoy it as a hobby so I make it a point to at least blog 3 times a week! while Ava naps I write up posts that I have ideas for & save them in my drafts to go back to here and there.

3. Dedicate one day a week to any ideas you might have! This is key for me to get any posts up! I like to pick weekends since week days are so busy for us. saturday I usually take outfit pictures ( new locations typically 3-5) big shout out to my husband for dealing with me! ha ha  Sundays I dedicate to any lifestyle posts I want to do for example this one/or my last post here I take pictures inside to change it up a big Im currently writting a fitness journey diary! so look out for that :)

4. Dont stress! things happen and thats ok! The moment blogging becomes more of a chore then a hobby, I personally won't do it! it has to be fun for me so I don't stress myself out to blog or get a  post up, If i have posts ready to go I feel like I have it somewhat together. Plus I have time during the week to spend with my baby and clean my house & get things done knowing my blog is already taken care of gives me a sense of relief.

5. Bed time = hustle time! like nap time I don't feel as guilty getting things done when Ava naps rather then when she's awake. for example old posts that I need to update & publish any ideas I have I write them down in my planner I try to finish 2 posts a night & still get to bed at a decent time. I use my laptop for everything! I use this & its been so good to me these last 4 years!

lastly I wanted to mention that this is suppose to be fun! an outlet for you and only you for your creative ideas while still being mama to your little one, to not feel like you have to blog but because you enjoy it. This blog has become more of a scrapbook for me to look back on old posts I recently went through all my bump dates here here here and omg baby feevvva! haha If you have any more questions don't forget to ask me & if I left anything out let me know :)


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