Flower Child

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

dress// it was her cousins wish they made one in my size!
flower crown as seen here from the pumpkin patch!

Since when did my baby become a toddler!? (15 months) I swear these days she looks bigger and bigger. She talks so much and she makes me laugh daily! her new thing is to say "mumma..mumma" me: "what?" her:"bugabugaboo" and then laughs. haha its the cutest thing she has such a fun personality and I cant wait for christmas this year! Its going to be so fun! we got her this peppa pig outfit cause she is obsessed! it came with wings and a skirt and she was so excited and smiled and held it so close to her and carried it around the living room just smiling. Melt my heart baby girl! I know I kind of stopped doing updates once she hit a year and im slowly working on getting her baby book together. I know I suck. Update on that coming once its all finished ;)


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