Farmhouse Sinks

Monday, August 1, 2016

Alright can we just talk for a sec? I Know its monday and all but I have a new found love for monday's a fresh start, a new week. Its kind of refreshing, Today I majorly deep cleaned picked some wild flowers that smell so good! This weekend we didn't do much I shot an engagement session for my dear friend that went really well, & relaxed with the husband had deep heart to hearts about where we want to live when we want to get a house you know those kinds of things. the real life stuff. Its sinking in more and more that we both have our hearts set in Arizona as far as living and opportunity wise and that got us thinking about what we want our house to be like. You know just talking just for fun big yard, for me cows and pigs and some goats big farm house with rustic wood floors a big window overlooking the yard above the sink and then I mentioned my love for farm house sinks, who else can relate? didn't think It would be a question not to get one until hubs was like um big NO cause simply its ugly! what!? excuse me? haha am I the only one who loves these? anyways, I wrote a story all about it here you can also check the sideline of my blog for more stories that Ive written and Have been given a great opportunity to work with mode & Im delighted! 


ps. Totally wanted to update on a couple posts back about the bachelor! holy!! didn't even see Luke going home at all! now that its down to Jordan and Robby I hope she picks Robby! Its on tonight and I have to wait a whole day to watch it haha don't tell me who wins!! haha 

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