5 ways to get out of a blogger funk

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

hey guys! I hope you are having a good week so far. I cant believe its humppp dayyy! This weekend is going to be filled with one last BBQ for the summer, before fall is officially here. If you couldn't tell from my last post Im kind of excited for fall! what are your plans this weekend? I thought about what I wanted to post today and I have found myself in a "blogger funk" (so to say). More then normal lately! haha I wanted to share some tips that help me when I'm In a funk with some of you if you are feeling the same way! It truly happens to the best of us! 

1. Get Inspired- My go-to when I get in a "blogger funk" is to find inspiration sometimes it comes from instagram or Pinterest. Some times I have to completely shut down technology for a few days to collect my thoughts and get inspired by places I see or people I meet.

2. Write in a journal. This is something that is key for me! When I have any ideas I like to write them down so I don't forget them. When I'm in a funk and don't know what to write about for that week I flip through my journal and (usually) have ideas to chose from ;)

3. Explore- get inspired from some of your favorite bloggers a few of mine are Aspyn Ovard, Barefoot Blonde, & The Daybook 

4. Comment on other blogs, leaving genuine comments is a great way to connect with other bloggers. 

*Tip* don't just leave comments on other peoples posts with out reading what they have wrote about.   Make sure if you are leaving comments they are nice, a lot of people forget it takes time to "write" share things, and take photos for just one post. a lot of time and energy goes into each post! I've made some really sweet blogger friends just by commenting and interacting with other bloggers!  

5. My last & final tip is if you don't "feel" like blogging then simply don't. I take breaks when I need to regroup my thoughts. and take a break from the internet and typically thats when I get a rush of ideas and I feel refreshed to blog again! 

Hope these ideas will help anyone who's in funk! 



  1. #5 is so true! Sometimes taking a short break really helps me because I actually miss blogging, which inspires me to write even more!

    1. yes! so good to hear you feel the same way!



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