5 ways to get out of a blogger funk

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

hey guys! I hope you are having a good week so far. I cant believe its humppp dayyy! This weekend is going to be filled with one last BBQ for the summer, before fall is officially here. If you couldn't tell from my last post Im kind of excited for fall! what are your plans this weekend? I thought about what I wanted to post today and I have found myself in a "blogger funk" (so to say). More then normal lately! haha I wanted to share some tips that help me when I'm In a funk with some of you if you are feeling the same way! It truly happens to the best of us! 

1. Get Inspired- My go-to when I get in a "blogger funk" is to find inspiration sometimes it comes from instagram or Pinterest. Some times I have to completely shut down technology for a few days to collect my thoughts and get inspired by places I see or people I meet.

2. Write in a journal. This is something that is key for me! When I have any ideas I like to write them down so I don't forget them. When I'm in a funk and don't know what to write about for that week I flip through my journal and (usually) have ideas to chose from ;)

3. Explore- get inspired from some of your favorite bloggers a few of mine are Aspyn Ovard, Barefoot Blonde, & The Daybook 

4. Comment on other blogs, leaving genuine comments is a great way to connect with other bloggers. 

*Tip* don't just leave comments on other peoples posts with out reading what they have wrote about.   Make sure if you are leaving comments they are nice, a lot of people forget it takes time to "write" share things, and take photos for just one post. a lot of time and energy goes into each post! I've made some really sweet blogger friends just by commenting and interacting with other bloggers!  

5. My last & final tip is if you don't "feel" like blogging then simply don't. I take breaks when I need to regroup my thoughts. and take a break from the internet and typically thats when I get a rush of ideas and I feel refreshed to blog again! 

Hope these ideas will help anyone who's in funk! 


Who's ready for fall!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sooooo Im guilty! If  these photos look a little familiar  they are from last fall when I was pregnant with Ava I think I was around 13 weeks you can check out that post here! Since It's not fall yet I wanted to include some of my favorites over the last year . Actually two years ago!? What! So crazy! Anyways, I wrote a few stories on MODE ! 8 chic pumpkins you'll want to craft this fall! Meaning no carving included! No knife. Seriously they are soooo easy! You can check out that story here I also Included some Keepsake Jewelry Every Mama Needs. If you have been seeing those name stacked rings floating around pinterest you'll want to check out that story here. Hope everyone is just as ready for fall as me! Something about crisp air and cozy sweaters! 


Autumn wood work Review Etsy

Friday, August 26, 2016

 Remember the post I did here on my besties Engagement Session? Well heres the thing I told her She would be receiving a custom USB with all of her images on them. What she didn't know is that I would be getting her a custom gorgeous wood memory box engraved with a willow tree. since their baby girls name is willow (thanks to my mama for the idea!) + a custom wooden USB I chose the lyrics from one of their favorite songs.  

I could not be happier with this purchase! I thought I would do a little review for you guys if anyone else is interested in purchasing something like this! The only negative thing I would have to say is shipping does take a couple weeks, if your in a rush to get this then you definitely want to order this ahead of time!  There are different wood options to choose from. I originally was going to choose a darker wood other then that everything is perfect. It loo(ebony) and then last minute I decided to go with a lighter wood (weathered grey) it's exactly how I had imagined! It came with the decorative ash along with weathers candies and a sweet thank you note from the owner! It makes for a perfect keep sake gift! If your interested in purchasing head over to her shop here ;))


Flower Child

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

dress// it was her cousins wish they made one in my size!
flower crown as seen here from the pumpkin patch!

Since when did my baby become a toddler!? (15 months) I swear these days she looks bigger and bigger. She talks so much and she makes me laugh daily! her new thing is to say "mumma..mumma" me: "what?" her:"bugabugaboo" and then laughs. haha its the cutest thing she has such a fun personality and I cant wait for christmas this year! Its going to be so fun! we got her this peppa pig outfit cause she is obsessed! it came with wings and a skirt and she was so excited and smiled and held it so close to her and carried it around the living room just smiling. Melt my heart baby girl! I know I kind of stopped doing updates once she hit a year and im slowly working on getting her baby book together. I know I suck. Update on that coming once its all finished ;)


Play Room Inspiration

Monday, August 22, 2016

I cant tell you how many times I go into Ava's room and it just seems so bare! here is what her room use to look like It still has the same things on the wall her crib is in our room and by winter we are moving it back in her room ;)) also the pink chair is now down stairs.for right now she sleeps with us and it works for us! she sleeps all night and so do we! 

anyways Ive been feeling inspired on pinterest of course Ive been looking at lots of play room ideas! I want to turn her room into something fun for her! I will do a series on decorating her room. Before & After's If thats something you would like to see? 

I love seeing old rooms transformed! Currently binge watching fixer upper for the 5th time haha! The colors I want to keep the same. she already has a gold framed gallery and I DIY'd this Tassel Garland here! Im going to make another one to go around the teepee! it's so easy!! I really love baby pink with the gold frames & pops of color. Loving this cactus pillow! Bringing in a little bit of arizona to her room. Teepees are in every childs play room it seems like! 

I love the Idea of her reading and realaxing with lots of pillows the only concern I have is her pulling it or climbing it she has a this ball pit we got her for her birthday that she loves to climb in and out of so I don't think she would try to pull it down but you never know! The idea of a kitchen set is super sweet I want to find something like this 

 A bookshelf is a must for miss thang! she loves to read!! I love that! I also love the Idea of a storage shelf that can work as a bookshelf and wired bins mixed with the black add more of a contrast against the pink tones. I would fill the bins with some of her favorite toys, dolls,teddy bears, crayons, coloring books. (etc..) she's into coloring at the moment! 

Also a table and chairs set Loving this one here & this gallery for her art work makes my heart ache! I will post before and after photos of her room as I slowly get things here and there! hope this inspired you! let me know any ideas you have in your littles room/play room! 

Skin Care Routine

Friday, August 19, 2016

I know this is a little different then what I normally post but I've been wanting to share a few products Ive been loving! 

Ive been using Mario Badescu  since before I was pregnant and once I found out I was pregnant with Ava I decided to take a more natural approach to my skin, so I  used only soap and water & I moisturized with coconut oil! My skin was surprisingly clear most of my pregnancy!  After I had Ava my hormones went crazy well so did my skin and I was now, breastfeeding so I personally decided not to switch my routine up just yet. soap, water, coconut oil.. 

b a c k g r o u n d

A little background. I suffered from severe acne in high school and then again after I got married & it sucks! at the time I was using everything I could find and it was honestly too harsh and too much on my skin.  I was then left with acne scars and pigmentation so I decided to search around a little bit but everything I found was super pricy from chemical peels, laser treatments (which Ive had in the past, deff did not work!) & expenssiiivee products. I needed something that was a little bit stronger for when I wore makeup and I needed a deep clean. Also something that was a little stronger in helping get rid of the acne scars.

I re discovered my Mario Badescu products and decided to try them out again. So far my skin is adjusting well. in all honesty I thought I would break out again since I was switching to a stronger skin care regimen. I do only use these products after I've worn makeup or I have a breakout!  The  facial cleanser is sooooo gentle on my skin and it smells really good, when I don't wear make up and I just need a quick clean rinse I use cetaphil. next I use the glycolic acid toner- perfect to remove any dead skin and it also tingles a little big and works as a mini peel every time I use this the next day my skin is glowing. to moisturize i use this SPF vitamin E moisturizer it contains retinol to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it smells good! These have really done wonders for my skin! I can happily say that I no longer have severe acne and I occasionally get a "mini" break out compared to what use to happen. & its normally around that time of the month thanks hormones. what are your favorite skin care products? 

J+M Engagement Session

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A few weekends ago I took some pictures for my dear friend from high school! I posted about A mama and me session I did for her in the past here I just have to say she is so photogenic! honestly they both are I went through about 300+ pics and could not find a single bad one! It was such an amazing session! The love these two have for one another is just Infectious. They wanted a more natural approach which I loved they slow danced in the woods and I was In Awe.
Love you guys happy engagement & I can not wait till the day you say I do! 


A major throwback cause I suck at blogging

Friday, August 12, 2016

Oh back to the old days when I use to share date night dinner posts like here ;)  these were from our 5 year wedding anniversary dinner we had lobster alfredo and the best french bread! we took a cruise to the beach as well and I actually got ready! haha no I did not get lip injections haha the power of makeup man! also its currently 10 at night and im wired cause i had 2 cups of coffee a couple hours ago i know what the hell was I thinking? so I thought now would be a good time to share these pics cause I haven't really been on schedule cause Ava is still teething.. what are we going on a month!?  I swear this girl gets teeth left and right she currently has one back molar and the other one is just peeking through. :( 


How I balance mom life and run a blog!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

I get this question so much, How do you keep up with blogging while being a SAHM?! where do you find the time to blog? How do you post 3 times a week?! Just because we stay at home moms don't "work" we do and boy don't get me started on that topic haha, we work very hard! I will tell you all of my secrets at how I keep up with this here blog & balance mom life. If you are anything like me you are busyyy 99% of the time you are on your feet keeping up with your little one changing diapers playing outside, lunch time, mess, clean off, let dogs out, feed dogs, clean house ( if theres time) dishes washed, laundry done (on a good day ;) no time for blogging!

1. Schedule. Its so important to have somewhat of a schedule together not just for blogging but if your a mama this helps out so much! I have recently been trying to get up before Ava does & it makes a world of difference. I have more energy & im not as sleepy typically we just snuggle in bed head down stairs have breakfast and we move slower then slow. Im telling you if you just change the time you go to bed to a little bit earlier & the time you wake up you will have so much more time in your day!

2. Take full advantage of nap time! Nap time is when I literally get everything I have on the "back burner" done! I don't make it a priority to blog unless I want to I truly enjoy it as a hobby so I make it a point to at least blog 3 times a week! while Ava naps I write up posts that I have ideas for & save them in my drafts to go back to here and there.

3. Dedicate one day a week to any ideas you might have! This is key for me to get any posts up! I like to pick weekends since week days are so busy for us. saturday I usually take outfit pictures ( new locations typically 3-5) big shout out to my husband for dealing with me! ha ha  Sundays I dedicate to any lifestyle posts I want to do for example this one/or my last post here I take pictures inside to change it up a big Im currently writting a fitness journey diary! so look out for that :)

4. Dont stress! things happen and thats ok! The moment blogging becomes more of a chore then a hobby, I personally won't do it! it has to be fun for me so I don't stress myself out to blog or get a  post up, If i have posts ready to go I feel like I have it somewhat together. Plus I have time during the week to spend with my baby and clean my house & get things done knowing my blog is already taken care of gives me a sense of relief.

5. Bed time = hustle time! like nap time I don't feel as guilty getting things done when Ava naps rather then when she's awake. for example old posts that I need to update & publish any ideas I have I write them down in my planner I try to finish 2 posts a night & still get to bed at a decent time. I use my laptop for everything! I use this & its been so good to me these last 4 years!

lastly I wanted to mention that this is suppose to be fun! an outlet for you and only you for your creative ideas while still being mama to your little one, to not feel like you have to blog but because you enjoy it. This blog has become more of a scrapbook for me to look back on old posts I recently went through all my bump dates here here here and omg baby feevvva! haha If you have any more questions don't forget to ask me & if I left anything out let me know :)


Peplum tops + wildflowers

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This top has quickly become one of my favorites. I have two Peplum tops that I completely forgot about! Since I was pregnant & then breastfeeding ( the other top I have zips up in the back and isn't really breastfeeding friendly) these babes have been pushed to the back of my closet and were forgot about! somedays its like I have a new wardrobe other days its like what the hell where did all of my clothes go?, to I have nothing to wear, sweat pants it is. haha anyone else? its a constant struggle! cheers to finding new clothes in your closet you forgot about!


*this was a post I've had in my drafts for a while and just keeping it real with you guys that i honestly didn't have anything ready to go for this week because life happens and you just want to spend time with your family and put the camera away & phones. Ive also been supper busy working on a project im excited to announce soon! I also thought today was wednesday! I need to quit doing that and driinnkk moreee coffee hahah *

Colorado River

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Found this Gem a few weeks ago and I thought It deserved its own little post. Its no secret I miss Arizona (most days) and then I think about how hot it is there right now and I'm like nope haha! The Colorado River was always something that I loved about living there! Its so pretty and peaceful the palm trees really add to making it feel like a tropical vacation. This house on the river is insane right? I'm pretty sure its abandoned though we never see anyone outside or anything. Plus Jeff has been on this kick of getting a boat like today and I'm all for it when we move back some day ;)) Anyways I totally thought today was Thursday I was super excited for tomorrow cause I thought it was friday. What the hell? does anyone else get their days confused haha 


Farmhouse Sinks

Monday, August 1, 2016

Alright can we just talk for a sec? I Know its monday and all but I have a new found love for monday's a fresh start, a new week. Its kind of refreshing, Today I majorly deep cleaned picked some wild flowers that smell so good! This weekend we didn't do much I shot an engagement session for my dear friend that went really well, & relaxed with the husband had deep heart to hearts about where we want to live when we want to get a house you know those kinds of things. the real life stuff. Its sinking in more and more that we both have our hearts set in Arizona as far as living and opportunity wise and that got us thinking about what we want our house to be like. You know just talking just for fun big yard, for me cows and pigs and some goats big farm house with rustic wood floors a big window overlooking the yard above the sink and then I mentioned my love for farm house sinks, who else can relate? didn't think It would be a question not to get one until hubs was like um big NO cause simply its ugly! what!? excuse me? haha am I the only one who loves these? anyways, I wrote a story all about it here you can also check the sideline of my blog for more stories that Ive written and Have been given a great opportunity to work with mode & Im delighted! 


ps. Totally wanted to update on a couple posts back about the bachelor! holy!! didn't even see Luke going home at all! now that its down to Jordan and Robby I hope she picks Robby! Its on tonight and I have to wait a whole day to watch it haha don't tell me who wins!! haha 

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