Let's Talk About The Bachelorette!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Happy Tuesday! can we just talk for a sec about the bachelorette I'm literally obsessed instead of us watching the new episodes on Monday's we have to watch them on Tuesdays, I know what a bummer right! to wait a whoooole dayy! ha ha we have hulu and netflix no cable since we are always on the Internet and we alternate between the two. Anyways, I'm seriously hoping JoJo keeps Luke! I really like him & I see through Jordan & Robby! ha ha girl talk! I get all giddy about it and the set up at our house is ridiculous hubs is into it too shhh! We make popcorn have some snacks, & wine and just unwind into the drama. we watched the bachelor last season (Ben & Lauren B.) and we were hooked so its become our new favorite show, besides Devious Maids on hulu which has quickly become so addicting! cheers to the bachelorette! & Tuesday's!


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