Ava's First trip to the zoo

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

^ grandma & papa ^

Hey! how was your weekend? We decided it was time to take Ava to the zoo she is into animals right now specifically pigs (peppa pig) to be exact ha ha. The zoo we live by is kid friendly and doesn't have the typical animals you would expect to see (giraffe,tigers,bears.etc..) We started with a walk to the cows. Oh my can I just say how adorable that one is! he has bangs & he was just chilling chomping away on his hay it was the cutest thing. Next stop the chicken coop to see the chickens they also had baby chicks too! I think out of everything there Ava's favorite was the bird coop they let you in this gated area so that you can actually be in the "area" where the birds were. she thought it was the coolest thing watching them fly around her. The monkeys were confusing to her, she was looking at it and it was just staring at her so she took off haha! I just wanted to say she's officially a walker little miss is on the move! The goats were another story, Ava was kind of confused I think she thought they were her dogs ha! she likes to hug on penelope. She ran full blast to the one in the picture and this goat just chilled didn't move a muscle. Alright so the otters might have been my favorite. They swam around on their backs, so cute! lastly we rode the carousal & miss things eyes light up, she was so happy she has this new dance move where she pushes her little belly out and bobs, cutest thing ever.


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