Mama Must Haves For Summer!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Alright so before we welcome fall with open arms, or is it just me? ha ha something about that crisp air, warm apple cider, and burgundy lip has got me all excited, but before we say so long summer I wanted to quickly share some of my mama must haves that I seriously couldn't live with out this summer Ava is now 14 months ah! officially a toddler? where did my baby go?? these are a few things we have been loving. 

Tricycle- This has been a lifesaver! its so cool we have one similar here and its seriously the best super light weight and easy to push around we load up and go for walks ours has a snack tray that I use to put her snacks in & it converts to a tricycle once she is a little bigger :) 

snacks- while we are on the subject miss thing cant get enough gold fish i swear we buy these so much its one of those snacks that i don't feel to bad about giving her either i know its not the best but she LOVES them. 

Sun Hat- we have the exact one pictured and its been great to us she went throughout his phase of not wanting anything to do with bows, hats you name it if it was on her head it was ripped off and on the floor. wellll she quickly learned that when its hot out and the sun is in her face she would much rather have her hat on. :) i tease her and say she looks like giligan from giligans island ha my poor girl! 

bathing suit- of course every babe needs a suit this one is just too cute not to share loving the retro vibe, we have a tee shirt like top & stripped bottoms from gap that Ive also been loving to protect her fair skin!

Pool Float with Canopy-  this is just hands down the best invention, the canopy protects her skin & she loves to kick her feet & splash! 

Sunglasses- like i said she went through this phase of not wanting anything on her head same goes for her face haha we tried out the sunglasses and she didn't like them at first but then she left them on and it was the cutest thing Ive ever seen.

sunblock- we are big fans of Aveeno bath products & this spf from Aveeno we have been loving its like a lotion and it has a very mild scent plus its spf 50 & we use it on her face and body! 

Crocs- homegirl rocks these! serisouly she has pink sparkly ones she got from her papa last year and they finally fit & are super comfy they are pretty much her go to shoe for this summer! 

popsicles-need I say more, Ava's been teething here and there and these are perfect especially when its hot out you can totally make your own but we've been loving otter pops shhhh! #guilty!

Water toys- Any type of toys really but ones specifically for the bath we take to the pool and let her have a ball she's been loving this boat! 


Let's Talk About The Bachelorette!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

dress//similar, shoes//target 

Happy Tuesday! can we just talk for a sec about the bachelorette I'm literally obsessed instead of us watching the new episodes on Monday's we have to watch them on Tuesdays, I know what a bummer right! to wait a whoooole dayy! ha ha we have hulu and netflix no cable since we are always on the Internet and we alternate between the two. Anyways, I'm seriously hoping JoJo keeps Luke! I really like him & I see through Jordan & Robby! ha ha girl talk! I get all giddy about it and the set up at our house is ridiculous hubs is into it too shhh! We make popcorn have some snacks, & wine and just unwind into the drama. we watched the bachelor last season (Ben & Lauren B.) and we were hooked so its become our new favorite show, besides Devious Maids on hulu which has quickly become so addicting! cheers to the bachelorette! & Tuesday's!


White Tones + Its friday!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Soooo glad its friday and that it's officially the weekend! Any plans for this weekend? We went out and explored downtown a few weeks ago and I totally forgot about these photos! I wanted to share these since I've been gearing towards a lot of white/ neutrals in my closet, like I mentioned before in this post.. Im totally a sweatshirt/teeshirt/ and sweatpants kind of girl top that off with a top knot ;) So its supper rare if I get dressed "up" if you could even call this look dressed up haha anyways Loving the white jeans trend & I paired it with this top that is so old but its from the lauren conrad collection! This fringe bag has been my go to (thrifted!) since Ive been wearing more neutral tones it gives any look that perfect pop of color! Oh & I wanted to mention as well that the dogs now have their own instagram ran by my lovely husband If you want to check out there page you can follow them here its seriously the cutest. 


Ava's First trip to the zoo

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

^ grandma & papa ^

Hey! how was your weekend? We decided it was time to take Ava to the zoo she is into animals right now specifically pigs (peppa pig) to be exact ha ha. The zoo we live by is kid friendly and doesn't have the typical animals you would expect to see (giraffe,tigers,bears.etc..) We started with a walk to the cows. Oh my can I just say how adorable that one is! he has bangs & he was just chilling chomping away on his hay it was the cutest thing. Next stop the chicken coop to see the chickens they also had baby chicks too! I think out of everything there Ava's favorite was the bird coop they let you in this gated area so that you can actually be in the "area" where the birds were. she thought it was the coolest thing watching them fly around her. The monkeys were confusing to her, she was looking at it and it was just staring at her so she took off haha! I just wanted to say she's officially a walker little miss is on the move! The goats were another story, Ava was kind of confused I think she thought they were her dogs ha! she likes to hug on penelope. She ran full blast to the one in the picture and this goat just chilled didn't move a muscle. Alright so the otters might have been my favorite. They swam around on their backs, so cute! lastly we rode the carousal & miss things eyes light up, she was so happy she has this new dance move where she pushes her little belly out and bobs, cutest thing ever.

Striped Jumper

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

striped jumper//shoes//thrifted!

Its no surprise that I've scored some items at the thrift store! Its my guilty pleasure to find things that are new to me & literally sometimes have the tags still on them! I know a lot of people may turn their nose up at the idea of a thrift store but I'm a sucker, from finding old furniture to decor Im all for a good find at the thrift store & I scored this striped jumper a few months ago! & its been a favorite of mine. Ive also been contemplating cutting it into a tank, It's so cute as a jumper and it came with a belt but I'm so torn on what to do! let me know what you think! 


Master Bedroom Makeover Inspo!

Monday, July 11, 2016


its no secret that I love the show fixer upper. Don't we all!? & Joanna's style is seriously the best I love how she mixes wood in with modern elements. Ive recently discovered a few interior design blogs & my mind goes straight to our bedroom its super small you can see details here the dresser is so old from when I was little! & its missing most of the knobs I know they aren't too expensive to get either haha . I've just been supppeer busy making baby girls room look good post on her nursery here update will come soon! It's seriously ones of my favorite rooms in the house (we are renting so painting isn't an option :(

Our master bedroom is so neglected & its got me thinking that we spend the majority of our time in it & when we go to sleep Miss thing sleeps with us! also her crib is along side one of the walls in our  room for when i plan on putting her in there (covermyeyesemoji) I know.  I know. I get a kick to the face or a slap at least 20 times a night hubs also gets her lovely feet in his back so she can curl up to mama.  Ive been browsing the web for some new comforters ours is  white right now  & super old, but i want to add some color! Im loving this collage of subtle golds since we have accents of blacks, picture frames mostly. & our headboard but im super into the plat form beds & the rustic wood look along with the marble trend thats in right now! Im thinking about doing this platform bed DIY & I do plan on documenting the before & afters once I get everything how I want it! For Now heres some Inspo!


sorry babe, I stole your hat.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

tee//forever 21(similar)//leggings//flannel//pacsun//purse & lace shoes//thrifted! hat//hubs.

 So glad to be back from a long weekend! hope your fourth was awesome! We didn't do too much but go swimming & watch movies, while shoving our face with some sea salt carmel ice cream! (hubs bought it on accident & its slowly become our addiction!) 

I was browsing pinterest whats new!? haha for some new fashion inspo I feel like my wardrobe is slowly being devoted to my faded sweat pants, & ripped hoodie I've had for wayyy to long. I proudly support a messy mom bun when hubs comes home I pretty much look like a total babe! ha ha jokkking. ;) so I figured it was time to step out of my comfort zone & into my closet since I literally only wear a handful of things that I consistently go back to. When I think of personal style the people I idol are sydney poulton, cella jane, & barefoot blonde  these girls just know how to dress! So I've made a promise to myself to open up to new clothing choices this is totally something I wouldn't normally wear but im so glad i threw it together, while stealing my husbands hat! go d-backs! Ava has a jersey on too! she's the cutest! 


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